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Thanks for taking the time to check this out. As some of you know, my good friend Dan who also is part of this site is currently attending basic training through the United States Navy. I just recently recieved a letter from him. He is doing ok but still has most of the training in front of him. I was hoping, that those from this site who know him could post a message maybe on this thread to him. I'll copy them down onto paper and send it off with my letter. I think he would really get a kick out of this. Maybe this sounds dumb, but I think it should keep his moral up. So if you have a message for him or whatever, just take half a minute to post and just say hi. Thanks ahead of time guys.
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Dan, someone told me once in San Diego the only easy day was yesterday. Keep it going one day at a time and before you know it, it's over. The Navy, and the rest of our armed services, are the best there is. That whole Honor, Commitment, and Courage thing may sound corny, but believe me, you will not go wrong if you live your life that way.
Hang tough and remember the water is your friend.
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