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Hi Folks,

I am a 28-year Army retiree. Served in Artillery, in an Infantry Advisory role (RVN-2 yrs) and had a secondary specialty in Intelligence (Soviet Foreign Area). Currently, I am a Certified NRA Firearms instructor and have owned over 31 different firearms of which 3 have been AR-15s. I have replaced quite a few parts on my previous 2 ARs, including installing an ambi safety on one about 3 years ago. Had no problem at all. Now to my current problem.

Believe it or not, I am at a total loss to figure out how to remove the existing safety on my current AR and install an ambi. I have removed the grip, along with the spring and plunger and the weapon is cocked. However, the safety will not come out of the butt stock. I even tried to use a punch to "force" it out and it only moved out about an eighth of an inch. I know that under the disassembly actions that I have described, the safety simply should have fallen out of the stock, but no go.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Jim
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