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Poor Man's Tactical Rifle

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Remington 700 LA 300WinMag,H&S stock,26inch Sendero barrel(28inch with
custom muzzle brake,Recoil-243)2.5lb trigger,Badger 20MOA rail with Badger
MAX 50 rings(with 1inch Badger reducers)Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40 Mildot.TT.Scope level,Harris bipod,Accru monopod.This weapon is sighted in at 600yds, grouping just over 4.75inch depending on weather conditions.
Ammo is Federal GMM 190grHPBT.No fancy machine work.No $300 trigger
(Honed stock Remington)No glass bedding(action torqued 65inlbs.)Badger rail torqued 65inlbs.Started out with a 1976 action,New older unfluted Sendero barrel(Ebay-$100)New H&S stock(Ebay-$150)New scope(Ebay-$108)Bipod(Ebay-$29)Mono pod(Ebay $42)Badger rail/rings(Ebay-$184)This weapon has taken deer out to 380yds using Win Supreme 180gr Ballistic Tip.As you can see
it does not take Buku bucks to assemble a excellent tactical??? rifle.Mostly time waiting for the right part to come along.Hope to upgrade to Leupold for
1000yd shooting(Steel plates NOT deer).
Total cost for the whole system-About $800.00. ... s/3003.jpg ... s/3002.jpg ... s/3001.jpg
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Good looking rig and cheap(price not quality). I really would like to build my own and what you did with Ebay i would have never thought of. Nice work. Great to have you on the site.
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