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Here we go. The almost finished product. I have one small mod to make to the receiver so it'll feed from the AICS mag properly and then I need to pull all the fasteners and lock-tite them before torquing everything to spec. I'm not super happy with the Timney trigger but we'll see how it grows on me (or not). The scope that's on it is temporary. I think I'll take my US Optics 3.8-22x44mm and hook it up to the top. I still have to buy a new crush washer for the brake too.

Astute readers of my missives may recall that this 6mm Columbia River Arms barrel has already had 1800 rounds of snot rocket fast 115's through it when it was a .243AI. I had my smithy lop 1.5" off the back and re-chamber it to 6XC. Before that we did a full inspection. There was no fire cracking anywhere and it's all still mirror smooth all the way down. The rifling is polygonal so there's nothing sticking out to get worn down. When it was a .243AI I got 50% more life out of the throat than I would have with Enfield rifling. So let's see if I get 3000 rounds out of this throat.

Say hello to Project Deathstroke

It's sitting in a Postman Precision Rifle Chassis with PTG bottom metal, Harris 6-9" notch leg, JP tactical brake, Timney trigger and a UTG soft grip. Optic in the pic is a Nikon P-223. It's set up at zero headspace just like my other 6XC, Project Deadpool (shown below) and since both were cut with the same reamer to the same depth I can share ammo between the rifles and not bugger up my match brass even if I want to just neck size.

These are meant for NRA prone and PRS competition but I also do other competition formats with them and I'm seriously thinking about taking Deadpool to Africa hunting next year.

For those that don't know, Deadpool is a comic book character. Deathstroke is apparently the comic book character which Deadpool was ripped off from. They're super similar but have different color schemes and accessories.
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