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Hello all! My first post here so go easy on me! lol

I own a really nice Interarms Mark X with a Mannlicher stock. It is chambered in 30.06 which I find tiring to shoot from bench as it kicks harder than I remember a 30.06 doing. With lighter bullets it is just tolerable. I really like the .243 and came across my identical rifle in that caliber except the stock is not figured as well as mine. Is a stock swap possible on these. I understand the actions are all the same commercial Zastava Model '98 and a magazine spacer is used for the .243.

I was thinking about swapping the .243 barreled action to my stock and selling the 30.06 with the plain stock. Is the bolt face the same and is the barrel also the same profile so as to accommodate a stock swap. Are the bolt faces and barrel length/profile the same on both?

Let me know what you know.

This is my rifle in 30.06. I refinished the stock after I bought it and it is a nice-looking gun. The .243 for sale has a plain grain, pale walnut stock on it.

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