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Quick inexperienced questions.

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Seeing as I have NEVER actually fired a rifle, or touched one, much less owned one, I have some questions about several of the modifications, and other such things I have seen being mentioned;

Barrel Fluting
Cold Hammer Forging
Bedding the action
What kind of material is a match grade barrel made out of?
The diameter of the average match grade barrel
Squared actions
Trueing and Lapping the lugs
Polygonal Rifling

I already have a rough clue what all these things are, but just to affirm what I know (No sense being wrong), i'd like to know what all these things are.
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i too have never owned or shot a rifle but i do know what some of the terms and things mean. (u experienced guys correct me if im wrong0

Barrel fluting is a process where channels are shaved into the barrel to increase surface area (too cool down faster) and decrease weight. downside is the barrel becomes less stiff.

I believe cold hammer forging refers to the process of heating the barrel up then cooling it down quickly then hammering it. this makes the barrel (or any peice of steel for that matter) more rigid.

As opposed to lands and groves (spiral) polygonal rifling gives the barrel a hexagonal (or octagonal or how many groves it has) profile. this supposedly decreases "blowby" around the cartrige, and prolongs bbl life and gives better accuracy (i say supposedly because the more accurate rifles ,tac ops comes to mind, use traditional rifling.

Match grade bbls are usually made of Chromemoly steel or stainless steel.

ive never been able to figure out what truing, lapping, and bbl contures (especially bbl contures) refer to
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Sigh... 32 views and 1 reply.

Thanks Max338 for the response, looks like I was right about those.

To make things easier for all you , tell me if i'm wrong about one of these;

Bedding the Action is supposed to create a more solid bond between the Action and the stock, resulting in a more accurate shot

The diameter of the average Match Grade barrel is somewhere between 1" and 2", depending on the weapon.

I have absolutely 0 clue what a Squared Action is.

Trueing and Lapping the lugs on the bolt is supposed to create a smoother action, creating less of a change in natural aiming point while reloading.

Here's to hoping for another reply.
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Trueing and lapping refers to lapping the lugs on the bolt using lapping compund(similar to vale lapping compound used on engines) so that they have 100% contact on the lug recesses. Also the face of the bolt is squared true to the bore. These processes are for accuracy puposes and consistancy. Squaring the action involves machining the face of the reciever perfectly square. The average tactical rifle has a finished muzzle diameter of somewhere between .800 and .990". This is a pretty crude explanation you can get a good idea by visiting HD RIFLES.
The standard barrel contour of a heavy match barrel tends to be right there at .920 of an inch. It can vary; Mel's SC1 is smaller, and there are some 1.5 inch monsters out there, which are more for benchrest than sniping. Squaring the action makes sure that the action is perfectly dimensioned to provide better accuracy and cosistency. Barrel taper (did you ask about barrel taper?) refers to the difference in widths between the barrel breach and the barrel muzzle. Most heavy barrels have a straight taper which means theat the barrel tapers only very slightly and does so in a consistent fashion.

Nope, I didn't, but thanks anyways, always good to know.
Hey CM2K

Pretty cool of ya to ask those questions, someone had to lol...

I'm having my 300 win glass bedded this month...Basically they pour epoxy into the stock to provide a perfect fit with the action/barrel...can't wait to see the results.

Max, its cool that you're buying a mauser'll like it.

If you want a lil advice, pick yourself up a nice cheap .22 long rifle too. Ammo is plentiful, they are a ton of fun and they are perfect to work on your fundimentals
well :oops: both guns will have to wait... im only 15 ya know... also its a funny thing that i have the scope before i have a rifle to put it on.... (cool to make pretend) i did go to a local gun store (big 5 lol) and i bought the scope.... (spartain). what i saw i couldnt believe! Nagants for 109!!! Rugers for 150!!!(10/22s that is) i couldnt believe it!
Muzzleblast said:
If you want a lil advice, pick yourself up a nice cheap .22 long rifle too. Ammo is plentiful, they are a ton of fun and they are perfect to work on your fundimentals
i tought my girlfriend to shoot using my M4 Carbine and a .22 LR conversion unit
you get to practice every day without paying much, just watch your form, it has no kick and if your not careful you will end up unloaidng becasue of the kick and the fact that you pay $15 for 500 rounds

dont touch the long range centerfire stuff till you get the basics 100%
Right on, Jeff...couldn't have put it any better myself.

Its nice sometimes not to have a shoulder that feels like crap after a long session and I know sometimes I've had to actually concentrate on applying what I learned from the .22 on longer rifles. Its good sometimes not to worry about noise, muzzle blast (although I always love that!) or kick.

They're all fun. And for a hunter, if your 22 is anything similar to your hunting rifle in operation or size, all the better. The little sucker can be potent for lots of stuff too. Grouse, rabbits, etc

Or just set up a row of lollipops at 50 yards and challenge a friend.

15 bucks for 500 rounds...almost as cheap as owning an SKS! lol j/k
Hey Max

I'm only 21 here, so I know where you're comin from. My father is big on hunting so I learned how to shoot young, and used his a lot so I guess I got the bite a little early. Mums the word, but I got my nagant when I was 15...traded my uncle for a chainsaw and I turned out to be quite the ignorant kid...whaddaya mean commie ammo is corrosive? lol...good thing its built like a brick you-know-what.

you brought back a "first scope" memory too lol...My dad gave me a worn out rimfire scope when I was seven. I promptly taped it to the carry handle of a toy m-16...if you want to be the coolest kid on the block, that works.

Just hang in there, dude. I did the "happy dance" in my front lawn when I saw my firearms license in my mailbox that morning.

Beware all starts with one....
Hi. I'm your good Canadian neighbor to the north.

In Canada, you can haul around a sword anywhere you please, or even a knife over 6 inches, as long as it is not concealed.

In Canada, you have to be 18 to acquire your FAC, and then, you need somewhere to store it (IE at home. I asked at a Gun Store if there were places I could store my gun, but apparantly, no. HAS to be at home). While I am over this age, I lack a house to store it. In fact, my current residence won't even allow for an AIR RIFLE, or even a CROSSBOW. So I have to move out first. Once I do move out though, then the fun can start, once sufficent funds have been acquired for both living on my own and a rifle.

In Canada, certain Rifles, and all examples stemming from them, are banned. Now when I say banned, I don't mean the American "Pony up 200 dollars and you can own it" banned, I mean the American "I'm not selling you a Tank" banned. There are only like a handful of receivers that aren't banned in Canada (H&k SL8, H&K SLB 2000, that's only from what I saw looking at the gun store, but there is a nice honking huge and complex list here on banned weapons; ... ts/r&p.asp ).

Another little fun Canadian firearms fact; You HAVE to have a planned travel route for your restricted firearms (Pistols). That means, in order to move it from A to B You need to file a piece of paper which says "I plan to move this from point A to point B". Now, in some cases, you have to file a SPECIFIC route, meaning ANY deviation, no matter how small, is punishable by fine, if not by liscence suspension. In other cases, you can file the permit with just point A and point B, and anything, within reason, is allowed. But if you are like 5 miles off? Screwed. Got lost? Screwed.

This has been "Fun Canadian firearms facts" with CM2k. :wink:

PS; I was planning on buying the SniperCentral rifle, specifically for the cheap post accurazied price, and the .300 WM. That and it shoots a 1/4 MOA with Factory rounds. I'd be hard pressed to replicate that, with my (And most Canadian dealer's) limited experience.

PPS; I suppose I am to the West of Muzzleblast.
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Mabey Clinton can help you guys out up there. I here he needs a job now. :roll:

{Just a joke man, just a joke}
You think Canada is fun..Try Quebec

This country sucks

It's not the country that sucks, it's your goverenment, same as ours sucks most of the time.
Yeah, this is true. I was just crackin jokes about Canada and Quebec being separate countries. You are right though, Govt. and country are two separate things. Canada needs an NRA.

Hey, on the bright side of all of this bad Canuck gun law, Norinco m-14s are selling for $399 now, or about $280 US.

Thats probably all they are worth though, for all I know.
A) Having an NRA would insinuate that we had a RIGHT to bear arms (See the Second Amendment), which we don't. In Canada, it's not a right, it's a privilege.

B) We are wandering off topic...
Don't get your panties in a bunch, it was just a thought ;)

Just kidding...lets get back on topic then
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