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Quick Question on gunsmithing

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Hypothetically, if a person had a rifle, say a Remington 700 with an HS precision stock with aluminum bedding block, and then had it glass bedded, would this affect your ability to take it out of the old stock and into a new HS precision stock, forget about the glass bedding, and use the aluminum block method as originally intended?

What I guess I'm asking is does glass bedding have non-reversable effects on the barreled action?

Thanks in advance. :D
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Glass bedding only affects the stock.

In the bedding process the action and barrel are coated with a release agent so the bedding compound won't adhere to it. You can take the barreled action and put it in another stock with out a problem.

it out of the old stock and into a new HS precision stock, when?
If I make a glass/kevlar/carbon bedding, I use PTFE coating on the system in order to keep it free from epoxy.
If I make an aluminium bedding, it is milled to fit precisely. So, changing the system from one stock into another will work. But using the stock for different systems won't work.
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