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Quiet Operation ... Take 2

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OK OK ......... for all of you doubters out there. For those of you who have never worked with a Nuisance Permit: first the Critters are Canada Geese and Cormorants - both of which have destroyed my property and the local fishing. Second, even though you have a nuisance Permit, it doesn't stop the local "Sierra Club" activists from harassing you. The wildlife management professionals whom I am working with have warned me about this. Unfortunately, the birds are skittish and do most of the damage while I am away. When I am in the vicinity, they stay roughly 100-150 from me. This is well out of the range of a 10/22. Anything that is unsuppressed and/or not using subsonic ammo creates to much noise (mussel blast and/or "Sonic Crack") i.e. ... it scares the birds away and attracts to much attention. But most importantly .... supersonic ammo could propose a danger down range. From what I am learning, subsonic Ammo in a .308/.223 has a short lethal range. It is important not to attract undue attention or hurt anyone down range and operate in a responsible, safe manner similar to DEC personnel. Generally, they use 10/22s - this is not suitable for my conditions and I am looking for an alternative if one exists. I hope this clears up any confusion or skepticism. You cannot belive the amount of crap I have cleaned off this property. Thanks for your information.
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How about syncronized claymores?........ 8) one big bang and ther'e all gone!

I don't know much about them but check out the new "Wisper" catridges, I've read they can be a bit expensive though.......and a bit large.
Safety Alert!!!

Most folks aren't aware of the distance a "sub-sonic" bullet can travel. They can go and go and go (with the correct elevation). They're not subject to the "sonic barrier's" friction, so there is considerably less resistance overall. Sure, they won't have all the energy a nornal round will have, but what does it really take to hurt or kill someone.

I hope this note doesn't come across the wrong way. I just don't want you to get in any trouble. Those activist would have a field day with that.

There is a special warning on the TTI Armory website about sub-sonic rounds. I think you just click on the "308 sub-sonic" and read on. It's short but interesting.
Too bad 17 HMR wouldn't take em cleanly. Guess you'll have to stalk the goose-poo field :D
Since the targets are fowl and not that large, at that I recommend the following.

If you have access or proper docs for a suppressor then you should be able to take them out pretty efficiently with a 223 bolt rifle.

If your worried about hitting other things you can shoot subsonic light weight ammunition. Another way you could prevent any complications is to shoot from a rooftop down on them.

This would force you to become a better marksman and ensure a good backstop for your rounds....namely the ground. :wink:
a 17 would take them out... and also i could come take them out during goose hunting!!! i would love to hunt canadas in canada... try a 17 hmr... i think that would get it done...
You know, I read a story of a mountain lion getting taken out with a 17. Good shot placement and bullet fragmentation is what they chalked it up to. I bet it'd take a goose.
I hunt Canadas in Canada and a 17 Hummer would let it fly off and die a lingering death unless you hit lungs and/or heart. From 150 meters it should not be tried. I saw a lynx, deer, and even a moose killed with a 22lr. Don't mean nothin.

Take a good look at a goose up should use somthing bigger, I tells ya. Think of how many cripples hit the water and still swim.
I agree with SpEcTeR if you can get the or have the documents for a suppressor by all means go with a 223 with sub sonic ammo and if your worried about down range damage you can give mullans extreme shock a call this ammo is some bad ****
I have seen a 50 BMG bullet disintegrate in a 2 Gal ozarka water bottle

That stuff's great for dealing with Ninjas... (GlockTalk homage)

Scatch Maroo
Ninjas...those fat posers people call "pillsbury commandoes"?
call them fat posers Chairborne

elite (very) fat posers are called Chairborne Rangers but there the best of the best...
need to get some serious couch training its all a test of endourance... its about how long they can sit there, eat doretoes, impersonate a commando and still be able to flip the switch on thier remote to watch thier favorite shows ;)
what about a 40 grain vmax,40 grain nosler ballistic tip, or a sierra blitz shot from a 22-250,220 swift, or 223 wssm around 4200 fps..extremely frangible bullets would explode inside goose and have hardly any drop at 200 yards..might have a windage problem though
thats what I'm thinkin too, Cody. And like SpEcTeR said, use the ground as a safe backstop to catch the rounds.
Muzzleblast said:
Ninjas...those fat posers people call "pillsbury commandoes"?
Check out the EXTREME web site and you'll see what I'm referring to.

Scatch Maroo
Muzzleblast said:
thats what I'm thinkin too, Cody. And like SpEcTeR said, use the ground as a safe backstop to catch the rounds.
well the other day i shot a 1 gallon milk jug filled with water and i shot it at 10 yards wit my 22-250, 55 grain vmax's traveling about 3700 fps MV. i found MOST of the jacked,part of the core and pieces of the tip on the others side of the jug..that was what really got me thinking, and those rifles really arent that loud either....what about a remington xr-100 rangemaster in 204 ruger with 32 grain vmax's or the 33(?) grain blitzs at around teh same velocity(higher with handloads)

i think pieces of the goose would be in a few directions...
awesome stuff, Cody. How tightly filled was the jug? thats the key difference between it and the goose I think...Still sounds like the perfect solution to me though.

Gonna try it farther out?
Here's how to silence your .22 legally.

Buy some CB caps. When you shoot some CB caps through your .22 rimfire, you get near total silence without using a suppressor.

My buddy lives near a bunch of left-wing Michael Moore types. And these are folks who would wet their pink drawers if they heard any gunshots. Anyhow, my buddy listened to me and he used .22 CB caps to whack a bunch of pesky squirrels.

And his commie neighbours never suspected a thing.

Mad, we used to use CB caps to shoot ***** at night, right next to a house. Strange thing is the **** dogs barking never got cops called, but one gunshot and the place was crawling with cops. Had to kill the ****, or we had a hell of time getting the dogs out of there, they wanted that ****, no two ways about it, and seems like every trip out one of them would tree near a house(stupid ****, aint so dumb I guess). CB caps got them every time though without any noise.
it was filled all teh way and cap tightly on.... funny thing was my .22lr with rem golden bullet 36 gr hollow points puts a neat little .224 diameter hole straight through 6 of them
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