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Range Finder

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Greetings all,
I, along with my hunting partner are looking for a good rangefinder. I am sure that I will suffer sticker shock, but that is ok.
I am hoping that someone out there can help me out with this. I am completly un-familliar with this technology. I want to be able to know how far the animal is for sure.
Any help is appreciated.
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It depends on how far your hunting is going to be. there are range finders that cover ranges anywhere from 300-1500 yards. The price goes up with the range capability. The one big thing to remember is that the ranges the manufacturers claim are on highly reflective white targets. Trying to range a low reflective target (like an animal) I would double what you need. i.e. if you are going to be hunting out to 300 yards/meters, I would probably look for a range finder that claims to reach 600+ yards.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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