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Red dot sights?

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Any one know any thing about, or where I could find some info on red dot sights. I wanna get one for my .22 pistol. But going to the store I see them from 30 bucks to 300. Now what could make it jump some much on just a red dot sight.
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You'll want to avoid the cheaper ones, they come from china and pretty much you get what you pay for. Just about everyone makes red dot scopes now, I would examine the reputable manufacturers and chose the one you like. Of course, lifetime warranties are nice.

how much do you want to spend?
for $400 you can get the one i have, the Aimpoint ML2
its what navy seals use and i think its a great scope... maybe on the expensive side but i dont think you will find a better one for the money
my personal favorite is the Leupold Mk4 CQ/T which i dont have yet!!!
its big, its expensive ($900 i think) and they are of the same quality that all Leupolds are of
all these are good tactical red dot sights which cost a LOT i hope someone else can tell you about others that might be more practical for your needs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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