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Rem 40X or custom action?

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I have been wanting/thinking of building a custom long range single shot rifle. I am not sure about the action, is the 40X stiffer/thicker or larger then the regular 700?. If its not any stiffer I was thinking about buying a custom action or mabye using the action of my 700P. Any thoughts?.
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The action on the 700P should suffice, really. As many have stated, at that distance, it's not so much the gun, as it is the shooter. I'd imagine optimally, you'd get a Custom Action, as those are expensive for damn good reasons, but really, the 700P or a 40-XB should cut the job. Although, more of a Concern is what round you are using. A .308 is kinda iffy at 1000 meters.
Thanx for the reply CM2K. My 700P is a 300Ultramag it shoots great I got a few .25" groups with handloads but it ussually shoots .4-.5" groups at 100 yards. I also have shot coyotes with my savage 112VSS between 400 and 500yards with my 22-250, for my long range project I was thinking of maybe 6mm-284/6.5-284 or 270,7mm or 300 short mags.
the 700P and 40-X are one in the same, only differnces are a better trigger group w/ the 40-X supposedly tighter tollerances and all w/ the 40-X but ive herd stories of 40-X actions that needed serious work
you could take a 700P action to the gunsmith and spend less moeny end up with a great action
For single shot long-range work I strongly suggest you look at Stolle, Barnard, RPA, or Neseka. Rigidity is the name of the game in pure long-range accuracy, and these are the top of the line in the custom long-range accuracy game. Take a look at some of the 1,000 yard F-Class and prone results - these guys know long-range and they use only the best.

I have a Neseka repeater in my Hammonds custom (I can't tell you how disappointed Mr. Hammonds was in my choice to go with a repeater instead of a single-shot.) I insisted on a magazine becasue a tactical rifle isn't a tactical rifle if its a single shot. Good luck


Thanks for the info, I like the nesika and stolle actions but I'm not sure of how to get one across the boarder. I wonder if my local gunshop could order one in?. I was also thinking of PGWDTI action, they look like a stolle but are made of steel not aluminum, they are about $1500 canadian bucks. You guys from the states could buy a bunch of cool stuff for cheap up here!.
It may be easier to get a Barnard action up in Canada - I've only heard the name and have never actually seen one. Some at teh Long-Range target website forum say they are the best in the world.

Everything is the best in the world these days. Makes you wonder where the crap is. Russia, maybe?
top of the line is dependant on who you talk to and what their experiences and or what they have read/heard
I have a 40XB Tactical (308) and for the money it is a toss up between a custom rifle and the 40XB. I love mine but would probably go with a custom rifle on the 700 action next time. Can not go wrong either way!!
yes the 40-XB Tactical is one of my favorite .308 rifles
they are superbly accurate or atleast the one i shot is and hope to some day be able to say or atleast mine is :)
believe they come with either a 1/2 or 3/4 moa guarnetee as well its unclear but id expect that they all exceed that with a good shooter and load
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