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Rem. 700 bolt mod and trigger adjust

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hey guys. I am seriously considering making my first custom gun modifications. i have a stock rem 700 PSS, w/ leupold mkIV M3 10x fixed, with mkIV rings. I am most likely never going to change the stock, (i know i'll regret saying that in a couple
the first steps i want to take are...
an enlarged bolt knob. I contacted HD rifles to know avail to double check on how long it takes to install a badger knob on my bolt. I also like the idea of the pinning the handle to the bolt for extra security. my question is does anyone know of reputable gunsmiths that do this? what is average turnaround time and price?

also soon i want to get the trigger down to around 3 pounds. is this something i could take into my local gun shop and get done? or is this something i would have to send off to a tactical gun maker?

after these, i want to get the action trued and a heavier fluted barrel.

thanks for any tips.
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boisedarc said:

Ask your smith what his trigger job consists of, a good trigger job consists of more than just turning the adjustment screws. He should be polishing or smoothing up the surfaces as well. Remington triggers can be made to feel awsome if the smith knows what he is doing. The job should run from $35.00 to no more than $55.00.
Yep, he is right! Had one done about 6 months ago for $35
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