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Remington 5R barrel (new limited production rifle???)

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OK....I am new to this forum so take it easy on me.

I am wanting to know if anyone in here has a Reminton 700 in .308 with the 5R mil.spec. barrel. From my understanding Rimington has just run a small lot of these rifles. Rifle comes in SS heavy barrel with the HS stock.

I just bought one and I am not happy with the accuracy! (but read to the bottom)

Took it to my gunsmith before I ever shot it (a very, very good gunsmith, not the problem!!) had the normal triger job. Took it to the range and got sick! During the break in process the smallest group was a little over an inch and a half with Federal GMM. The glass is a Leupold VXIII 4.5-14-50 LR.

Took the gun back to my smith and had it glass bedded. Took it home and mounted a VXIII 6.5-20-50 LR. Couple of weeks later got a chance to take it to the range again. The accuracy did not improve much if any at all. The smallest group was right at 1.25 inch. The gun had about 100 rounds at this point. I was still not happy.

Took it back to the range with some Hornady TAP and more Federal GMM last weekend (by the way the TAP ammo is best suited for the trash can!!) By the time I had the 3rd box of federal done the gun was shooting a 3/4" group! (total of 180 rnds. now) With a couple of the last groups in or close to the 1/2" range.

Now can someone tell me what is going on!! Never seen a barrel take 200 rnds to break in (or is that what is happening)

Now I have heard nothing but great things about the 5R barrel and jumped on a chance to get one. They are going for about $850 from what I understand (did not pay that for mine). Anyone got anymore info on this gun?? Is it a custom shop gun?? anything???

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Some barrels just take long to break in and also the first few boxes might have been from a bad lot of bullet. Or maybe they were maded on a monday instead of a wensday or thursday lol. lata

My only question is "were you doing your part". Sometimes when you shoot a new rifle you are still working on alot of stuff....different stock...trigger pull...sometimes you have a bit of a flinch cause you don't know exacly how or when its going to go bang.

Ammo is another though.....I use federal gold match to break in a barrell. My barrell break in's I ussually keep real short and simple too....every 5 rounds for the first 25. I ussually don't try to hit anything either....just get used to the trigger pull and the action.

Conditions would be my last thought.....was it really humid....dry....cold?

Hope some of this helped.....keep in mind that you might of just got a lemon :wink:
Caver, if you look at the post "When is enough enough?" in the Gallery Forum, the gun on the right in the photo is a Remington 5R.
I've included another picture of that rifle and another of mine.

The glass is a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5x20x40mm mounted with
Leupold Med. Rings on a Smith Enterprise, Inc. Rail.

The trigger has been tuned by me to about 2.5 pounds.
There is no other work done on the rifle.

I've just finished the break in process that I felt it needed,
about 80 rounds, and mine is a hell of a shooter.

Here's a group from the first day on the range with it:

The first shot is the one in the black diamond (which I couldn't see, but knew it was there)
The group at 5 o'clock is the next three shots. This happened about 25 rounds into the rifle's life.
Every group from there on out has the potential of looking like this one if I do my part.

I can't understand why your Mil. Spec. is taking so long to tighten up.
It sounds like you've covered all your bases, but there's my testimony for ya.

Good luck with getting it to where you want it, and rest assured
that when it gets there, it may look like this.
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Dan, Thanks for the photo. Yep...... thats the same gun!

Flea, I would like to say (and hope) that I am doing my part. This is the same stock that is on several of my rifles and about the same on the trigger. I am going to let a friend of mine take it to the range and see what he can do with it.

Dan, How about copper fouling...........does your barrel foul bad?? It takes a lot (I mean a munch) of bore brite and cotton patches to get her clean.

Another question - What ammo are you shooting in it?? It may get me started in the right direction. I don't have the ability to load my own but I can get a friend to load some for me.

And another question - Do you know anything about these guns? Are they custom shop guns or regular production guns? I do know that they were a limited production run.

Thanks guys, got any more info?????
Well, I need to chime in on this one.

A little about the 5R rifles from remington, this comes from my law enforcement contact at remington.

When remington builds the M24's, they have a certain specification that the barrels MUST meet in order for them to be put on an M24. If these barrels do not meet these specifications, they are put in the "Reject" pile. This does not mean they are bad barrels, just that they did not meet the measured specifications (kind of like the douglas air gauged vs. douglas premium). So, after a while, remington had a decent number of barrels in the reject pile, so they decided to make some money off of them and mount them and sell them commercially as "mil-spec" rifles. Now, the first time they did this was about 3 years ago, and it was a "limited run" . It sounds like they do this when they get enough barrels to warrent it, and they must have just ran another batch.

I mean nothing bad when I say this, and I hope those that have a 5R rifle don't hate me for saying it, but the 5R mil-spec rifles are generally no better then a standard 700P. Now, like all mass manufactured rifles, there are good ones, and bad ones. It sounds like this particular rifle may just now start to be coming around, and with the work that has been done to it, it sounds like it should be. There is nothing wrong with the 5R rifles, but if you are shopping, and on a budget, you will not be getting a "better" shooting rifle for the extra money spent on a 5R rifle over a 700P.

Also, just a FYI, between the 5R, 700P and 700 LTR, remington consistently sees the best accuracy with the short barreled LTR. I found that interesting... but not totally surprising, as Tac-Ops says they get the best accuracy with 18-20" barrels on their rifles....

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Mel, thanks for the info. I have had mine for about 8 months. (Building a house and not much time to shoot.)

Aso for the LTR don't get me started.......I love mine!!!!! I would not take anything for it! I have a VXIII 3-9-40 tactical scope with a leupold base and it!!

Just got my new Remingtion 40XB Tactical (.308) in last night!!! I will try to post a photo of it tomorrow. No scope yet. Just one piece at a time. I did find it funny that the 40XB comes with the standard old Rem. mod. 700 manual and that is it............and a target with a little tiny winy 5 shot group!!


Mel explained the existence of the 5R the same as heard by me before purchasing it.

About the copper fouling, the 5R seems to get more of it when compared to the other Rem. 700 VS APK-223 (my shooting buddy) and myself shoot. I have a stainless .22-250 and the barrel of APK's RRA Varminter is stainless. To me, it appears that the stainless barrels are harder to get the copper out of? Am I off track saying this, or has somebody out there seen the same thing?

Anyways, after a shooting session of about 40 rounds, our cleaning routine leaves no copper. Here's a quick run down on the method.

1. Run 4 patches Hoppe's No. 9 Solvent in a row.
2. Leave time between the next set of 4 patches. Clean the bolt, exterior of the gun, etc.
3. Repeat the process of Hoppe's No. 9. I find about 12-16 patches is enough to totally dissolve powder residue.
4. Run 4 dry patches.
5. We use Remington Bore Clean to clean out the copper. A laden patch with no more than 20 passes does it everytime.
6. Finally, dry patches remove the Bore Clean and a Rem Oil and dry finish out the job.

In regards to your ammo question, we use handloads. They work extremely well as you've seen, and you might try them yourself (changing the OAL for your chamber!):

168 Gr. Sierra HPBT
42 Gr. RE-15
Our OAL: 2.905"

APK might add his 2 cents, it is his rifle. Hope it helps you.
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Thanks guys,

Dan, I may try to get a batch of handloads like you have made up and see what happens.
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