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I am looking to sell my .270 to move to .308

I had a chance to compare directly with a friends and for my purposes I think a .308 will simply suit me better (looking for a good all round caliber for hunting and paper that I can add a suppressor too down the road and use subsonic rounds which while possible with .270 is not ideal)

- Bell and Carlson Medalist M40 Stock
- M4 BDL Drop In Triggerguard / Hinged Floorplate - Traditional (Black Aluminum)
- Weaver Tactical 6-Hole Picatinny Rings
- Millett Picatinny Rail Matte Remington 700 Long Action
- Redfield Revenge 4-12x42mm Rifle Scope, Matte Black, Accu-Ranger Reticle

Will also throw in, case and Lee .270 dies, hand loading kit and my .270 brass

Will upload photos later today, looking for around $1000 (happy to negotiate) as that's a little under what I have in the rifle and upgrades (around $1150) and should be enough to get me started on my .308

Location (Blacksburg, VA)
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