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Remington 700 PSS

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Here is a pic of my Rem700PSS .308, I painted it myself, this is the second one that they look indenticle.

Wearing a Leupold 6.5-20X50mm,30mm Tube,Side Focus, Gen 2 Reticle,

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how does the stock feel compared to other tactical stocks

Great looking rifle!! The paint looks awsome, What type of paint did you use?
Thanks guys,

First off it shoots about .75 MOA @ 100, not real good. I have tried and tried with it and it drives me nuts. I am a first time buyer for the Savage and the first 13 rounds kicked the PSS's butt, and I have 2 PSS's.

The camo job I did the barrel with Krylon from Wal-Mart,Brown,Tan,OD.

The stock got painted with Aluma Hyde II from Brownells, this stuff stays on very well, the solvents wont hurt the paint at all. Also it is pretty much scratch proof.

The next rifle might get the Aluma Hyde II on the metal?
Sorry I forgot about how the stock feels.

I like the Choate stock in the prone position,but not any other (standing or kneeling) it seems to be pretty comfortable and very stable. I use the mono pod as a butt hook and pull the rifle into my shoulder.

3/4 MOA not very good??? 3/4 MOA is a very fine shooter, especially with the factory barrel. Savage rifles do indeed tend to be very good shooters out of the box, it seems savage makes a nice factory barrel from what I've seen. If you have the desire and funds look into a match grade barrel for the PSS it will help shrink the groups for sure, 3/4 MOA sounds mighty nice though. Great looking rifle, I'm looking into getting some alumahide II from brownells.
boise, I am thinking of getting a Mike Rock 5 r barrel for it. I hear alot of good things about the Rock barrels
Hey Troy, I bought a 700pss in 2003 chambered for the 300 ultramag; it also shot around .75 moa with factory ammo (rem swift sirocco 180gr). So I decided to try some handloads, I was incredibly lucky!. On my first recipe of 155gr Hornady A-MAX pushed along by 95gr of Retumbo powder I shot a .191" group at 100 yards, I have also managed to shoot a .25" group but this load usually shoots around .4-.5"groups. I forgot to mention that those were only 3 shot groups and I was shooting prone of a bipod. I also own a Savage 112vss the one with the choate stock in 22-250 and it shoots great, but again I usually use handloads. I would really like to make a custom rifle but living in Alberta Canada makes parts sometimes hard to get because of the gun control laws.

Hardy if you are getting .75 MOA groups with that insanely thick jacketed scirocco or howevery ya spell it... you should get some 175gr SMK HPBT rounds and try it out. I garentee your groups will go down. Or you can do what us insane people do... the 240gr .3080 caliber SMK HPBT. It is specifically made for 1:9 barrels for long range accuracy. Or... if you are completly insane like me... you can buy your lead bricks at a metal store... buy your own .3080 X 1.155 cal match grade jackets from Sierra... they run $83.50 for 1,000 count... and form your own bullets :lol: . PS.... try out IMR 4064 powder with that 300 RUM... it works great in mine.
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