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I got my Surefire muzzle brake in the mail to say after tearing open my package and drooling the muzzle break was the wrong one :( I ordered the MB762SSAL/RE thinking it would fit as it fits the M40 but its just a hair to small.

I called surefire and they got me the correct model I needed (MB762-211C). Last night I installed it and have it rocksett curing. The install was very simple, screw the brake on, see where it rests. They have a fancy "timing wheel" so you put the correct spacer on and then you install the muzzle brake and torque (20-30ft lbs) it down to ensure the notch sits at the 6 O clock position. Assuming you got it right the first time, you take off the brake and clean the threads so you can apply a thin coat of rocksett, thread brake back on and torque down, double check you have the notch at the bottom dead center.

Sorry about the photo quality, took them with the cell phone.


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