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Looking for help in determining exact model type.
I am looking at a rem 700 with H&S black stock with an alum block. It has a 24"223 parkerized barrel the muzzle has a flat recessed cut not concaved. The owner is unsure of the twist rate so I took a rod and patch to the barrel and it made 1 complete rotation in 12". The action has a hinged floor plate. The barrel diameter at the muzzle is 13/16" and it has a LL at end end of the barrel closes to the receiver. I can not tell if the trigger is original to the rifle or not. The scope is a Leupold Very - x-III-3.5 x 10 with tall turrets.
I tried to contact Remington or who ever owns them now but they were not helpful.
Any help would be appreciated.

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