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Remington 700P J-lock

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A month or two back, I bought a Remington 700P. Upon reading the manual, I learned that every 700 comes with a J-lock. I looked on mine, only to find that it doesn't have one. Have any of you recently purchased a new 700P, only to find that it didnt have one?
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Specter. There is no comparison between the .17 Remington and then .17HMR. One is a rimfire the other a centrefire. In comparison its like comparing the .22lr to a .22-250. Which are worlds apart
I saw a new 2005 model rem M700 VSF without the j lock here the other day.
Sorry to Hi-jack this thread.

Specter. The .223 is a good choice for a varmint rifle. However you must be aware of the barrels rate of twist if you wish to use some of the lighter varmint type bullets. The 700P has a 1:9 twist to mainlly stabilise heavier projectiles such as the 69g SMK this ROT may disentegrate lighter projies in flight. Standard .223 varminters (eg VSF) have a 1:12 twist.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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