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Remington 700P J-lock

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A month or two back, I bought a Remington 700P. Upon reading the manual, I learned that every 700 comes with a J-lock. I looked on mine, only to find that it doesn't have one. Have any of you recently purchased a new 700P, only to find that it didnt have one?
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Okay...*looks around*.....I have a....*cough*....Jlock on mine...*cough*

What parts do I need from Brownell's to take that blasted thing off!!!
Mine has a Jlock JUST because I got a screaming deal on it. 8) But I want to get rid of it ASAFP. :wink:
I'm going to get the 2005 Remington catalog soon and it should say which come with and without.

The only faster way of telling is by physically going to local gunshops. I might do this too.

Have they phased out the VS models? I noticed on the site that they only seem to make VLS, VSF, VSSF-II and LV SF but none of them seem to have really replaced the VS. Well maybe the VSF but still a different stock.

Asside from the JLocks I kinda liked the VS's :( . Oh well looks like its Ps for me from here on out. :D
Mel and/or Mad,

I was looking at the 2004 special run VS that remington made but they are in Remington 17. My question is as follows.

How do the characteristics of the Remington 17 compare with that of the 17HMR. I know that the Rem17 is much much faster but which is a better cartridge for say varmints.

Most importantly which will be easier or lend itself better for fine tuning and working the action to a tack driver? I do like that the 17HMR ammo is VERY cheap! :D I like that coupled with the fact that it is a very nice caliber to hunt varmints with.

What about BC and range pluses or minuses of both?
So can anyone orient me as to what parts I will need to take off the Jlock?

I have a pretty good idea but I dont want to disassemble to realize that I'm missing a part! :shock:

What about my other question on the 2004 special run VS's?
True, I realize that the Remy 17 is sooo much faster but my intended purpose would be varmint hunting. I guess I just wanted to get some opinions.

In reality I will probably go with a Remy 700P in 223 as my varmint stick.

I just wanted to explore these other two. Thats all.

Yes I would prefer the 223 700P because it has the 1in9 twist. This way I can engage varmints at longer distances more effectively. :wink:
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