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Remington 700P vs 700 LTR

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ok going to get one of the tactical rifles from Remington
thinking either Remington 700 Police or Remington 700 Light Tactical Rifle
700P is 26" barrel and 9 lbs in weight 700 LTR is 20" barrel and 7 1/2 lbs in weight... add 1 1/2 lbs for teh scope and bi-pod not sure how much a McMillian A4 stock im considering will weigh but i might not go with a new stock for a while if the 700P stock is good enough.. ill focus more on the action and barrel

going to use it mainly for target shooting at medium to long ranges but also for hunting at 100-200y or even closer in the woods
20" barrel is a bit shorter better for the woods id imagine at close ranges

anyways weight isnt a concern to me im 6'4 225 lbs (all muscle) and young so i can haul just about anything around all day

just i hear that the 20" barrels are more accurate than the longer barrels at shrot range not sure how they are compared to the longer barrels at long range for accuracy though as they dont give as much velocity and all
whcih should i go for??

leaning twards 26" right now but some friends reccomended the shorter barrel just wanted to ask the experts

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I'm gonna be putting a 20 inch barrell on my 700 but I don't typically shoot over 200 yard shots. It might be a concern of mine to get a 24 or 26 if 600+ yard shots were common.

To me a lighter rifle is better....even though I am in good physical condition I already carry enough equipment as it is.
yea i might take the rifle out to 1000y to just see how the rifle (and shooter) does but most of my shooting (not all) would be closer ranges
the shooting ranges around here go out to 200y but i have friends and relatives with large fields that go way out there.. i think that most of my target shooting (not all) will be less than 600y
going to be target shooting maybe 20x more than im going to be hunting and ill probably be shooting at long distances a few times more than ill be hunting as i only get a chance to do that a few times a year
Accuaracy wise, I doubt there is any real difference between a 20, 24 or 26 inch barrel (anything over 18 inches should be pretty much the same.

For the .308, there is a significant muzzel velocity difference bewteen the 20, 24 and 26 inch barrels, using identical ammunition. Numbers vary, but you should generally see a velocity gain of at least 25 fps (can be up to 50 fps depending upon ammunition, load, and chambering) for each additional inch of barrel. So a bullet shot from a 26 inch barrel will fly at least 150 fps faster than from the 20 inch, using the same load (say Federal Gold Medal Match). To get matching muzzle velocities from a 20 and a 26 inch barrel, you'll have to load the ammunition for the 20 inch barrel hotter.

Velocity is why the 1,000 yard .308 palma guys use 30 to 32 inch barrels (I heard the rage is now 34 inch) in their competition palma guns.
yea i was figureing with Federal gold medal match or M118LR for group size and probably surplus ammo for everything else (cheaper if im going to shoot 200 rounds in a day) and should be fine for target shooting out to 600m or maybe even furhter
i could get better velocities which would be a flatter trajectory either way and drifting less in the wind and id rahter have 150 fps extra veloctiy if that makes the gun a few inches longer
ordered my Remington 700 Police in .308 with a 26" barrel today
14 day background check then i get to take it home :)
Let us know how it shoots. If its like mine, it'll run right at .75 MOA from break-in up to about 100-150 rounds, then more like .50 MOA from that point on.
whats your rebarreled restocked PSS shooting now? and what modifications if any do you reccomend to improve accuracy?
now then i dont have the rifle yet and im likely going to take about 10 weeks to shoot the rifle before i have any modifications at all done but id just like to know what there is that i can do
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