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Remington 700P

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In the near future, im thinking of getting a rifle for target shooting and deer hunting, probably a Remington 700P in .308. Everyone I know who has a Remington 700P said accuracy was 1/2 - 3/4 MOA out of the box w/ factory ammo. $700-750 range sounds like a great price. I think I will get one. Anything a gunsmith could do to make it more accurate?
Any suggestions or comments?
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Have (had) one and it shot 1/2 MOA out of the box (I say had and shot because its now got a new barrel & Stock (I found out the stock was cracked when I was having a new barrel put on it). To "upgrade" in no particular order:

#1 Trigger job (so its nice a crisp with no creep and no overtravel (easy to say hard to find someone who can actually do it right),

#2 Bedding of the action.

#3 lhand or fire lap the bore if it needs it (mine did not) - sweet shooting and very littel copper fouling even during initial break-in.
Get a Savage, mine cost me $625.00 and i feel that there is more quality with the bolt compared to the pss (you pay more for the HS stock). If you want a rilfe which you can build up on, savage is the way to go. First thing is to do is to update the stock with an McM A4 or A5. Then get it triple-bedded (glass, pillars & block). A Savage will outshoot a remmy any day.
As has already been mentioned, lap the lugs, get a trigger job, and if the barrel is off (or maybe even if its not) square the face of the action. Bedding job also does help....

I just got my 700p last week. I love it . You get what you pay for. I shot about 80 rounds last sunday and was blown away by how accurate this weapon was right out of the box.
Gunny G.
Gunnyg - I hear you loud and clear. Its a heck of a package - straight from the box. Add some extras, like bedding (if needed) and a trigger job and you've got something hard to beat for the $$$. With the possible exception of the Savages like the 10FP and some other tactical packages (which I have seen on the range but never personally shot), it may be the best and least expensive one currently out there.
thx for the info
looks like the next rifle ill be getting is a Remington 700P
probably after fall semester ends or after the first summer semester if im busy with college/work etc
what ammo works the best in it?
I broke mine in and fed it only Federal Gold Medal Match ammo for my .308 (a mix of 168 and 175 grains). But, that can get a bit pricy for those on a tight budget.

If memory serves, I recall Mel did a comparrison / test of Match ammo. I think he said that the Black Hills was close to but not quite as good as the Federal Match, and that the Hunting Shack ammo filled the bargain basement match ammo position. All-in-all, if youwant to squeeze down your groups as tight as possible you'll be using (or making your own) match grade ammo.
Jeff_850 said:
what ammo works the best in it?
Every rilfe is different, you have to buy different ammo and see what works best for your rifle. I would suggest Black Hills Match .308 168 grain BTHP if you want to target shoot. And for hunting look at Hornady for some really good hunting ammo like their SST bullets. But thats what I would suggest.
now that i think about it, this will be fun :D
any ammo you reccomend for breaking a rifle in with or does that not matter?
Yes, I did infact compare the match ammos. I will be adding to that review this summer. I will be testing two PMC loads, their actual match ammo (168gr) which seems to be a good price at about $16 -$17. And I will be testing a very interesting load of theirs called the 308D. This is a 168gr FMJ-BT, it doesn't use the sierra mk, and after doing some ballistic comparisons and research, it appears to be very very similar to M118. I will be testing it as a possible substitute for M118 available on the civilian market. Cost per box, as little as $11. Of course, if it doesn't perform, it isn't worth it!!

The black hills is probably as good as federal GMM. My bravo just prefers the Federal, but it isn't by much!! Good thing for me is a local shop carries Federal, I have to mail order any black hills.... of course, now that I have an FFL and SniperCentral is a business, I should just start stocking the good match ammos!!

I found Gold match at for $17.50 a box. That is about the best price I've found. Anyone who knows any better please let me know.
Shhhh these sites are top secret:

.308 Federal Gold Medal MAtch 168s at Keislers on closeout for $13.49 a box.

Tthey also have the Black Hills 175s at $16.99 a box.

.308 Federal Gold Medal Match 175s at the AmmoMan for $399 / 500 rounds w/ Free shipping. ($15.96 per box of 20 DELIVERED To your door)
wow thx for that site
good prices for Federal Gold Medal Match!!!
ahh that was me again keep forgetting to log on
Have a 700p and love it. I am not a fan of the HS stock palm swells or recoil pad but they will due till I re-stock and barrel her. Remington makes great products and for the money you can't go wrong. Right now has 700P's on sale for 649.00. They are a great company to deal with.
Thanks Murray. It nice to know of another store on the web that sells firearms at reasonable prices.
Considered the VS?

Hey Jeff,

Have you considered the Remington 700 VS? From what I understand, it is the exact same rifle as the 700P with the execption of a slightly different HS Precision Stock. The exception is an extra quick detach stud up front. My thinking is that you could save a little cash that can be funneled back into the gun, like buying your whole cleaning kit or a bipod. It's not a huge price difference, but it helps. It's what I did, and I've had some good days on the range with my VS.

ive considered it, the prices are about the same, $700-800 depending on where ya go for either around here anyway
and all the stores have the 700P in stock, not all have the 700 VS
If you are going to pull the trigger on buying your rife soon, look hard at that $649 price at SportingARms. That' a solid $100.00 better than you'll find on a new 700-PSS anywhere that I've seen.
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