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Remington Ammo?

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does any one know any thing about remington Premier Match ammo or there .22 Match ammo Eley all i use for match with .22 is federal Gold Metal and i was wondering if any one has had any luck with the Remington ammo
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has any one ever heard of this ammo b4 or am i just crazy
I've heard of the Eley ammo, and it is supposed to be really good, but I personally have no experience with it. For our .22's, we just use the Wal-Mart bargain box Rem stuff :lol: .
any one know any thing about the match grade centerfire ammo they offer?
remington ammo

have used the remington match in .308 was issue with my department for 2 years and was very good in our remington 700's
Agreed. For the most part, the remington match ammo is good. I prefer federal, but both remington and winchester make good match ammo

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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