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Remington M-700 LTR 20 inch Fluted... extreme accuracy

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The following picture of the small sized human shaped target was fired indoor at a distance of 100 yards from a bench on a harris bipod and a sand bag for the buttstock using M-118LR (US Military long range 7.62X51mm Sniper 175gr MK ammunition). The chest group is 5 shots (.27 MOA). The head group is 5 shots (.68 MOA).

And a picture of my sniper log. The three Marines pictured are personal friends who payed the ultimate sacrifice. The target on the cover of my sniper log was my first target loged into my sniper log. Ive had this sniper log since i was in high school.
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*THESE TESTS WERE CONDUCTED SEVERAL YEARS AGO* A friend of mine invited me out to test out the new (at the time) M-118LR ammunition for the US Military Sniper weapons. Here is an accuracy test at 500 yards (very little if not any wind at all... max gusts of up to 1-2 mph winds)... allthough i did wait untill there was not any wind on any of the flags, so wind was not a factor, 73 degrees, altitude 175 (aprox). M-118LR @ 500 yards... 20 shots fired over the span of 2 hours 15 minutes.

20 Shot .52 MOA 500 Yard Group Fired October 6th 2000
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I was curious... how would Federal 175gr Gold Metal Match ammunition stack up against the M-118LR? So... here it is. You can obviously see the major grouping in the Federal ammunition is larger spread than the M-118LR... allthough the actual 20 round group is nearly identical in MOA.

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We also brought along a few of the new (at the time) M-40A3 rifles. Accuracy was awesome... they were more accurate than the LTR i was testing (at times getting under .25 MOA!) and (obviously) have ajustable cheeck peices and were much more comfortable to shoot.

Started out the day by checking out the rifle and getting familiar with it.

Then... we went to the range... and aaahhhh what a nice range it is. 300, 500, and 1,000 yard lines. (you can move back a little and make the 1,000 yard line a 1,200 yard line... allthough the rangemaster didnt like us doing it LOL)

Then each of us fired 5 rounds through the rifle and got the feel of it... adjusting the cheek peice to fit our eye level.

Rapid fire testing was flawless... ejecting the casings about 4 feet when in the prone position and feeding was also flawless. Accuracy on rapid fire was excelent compared to other rifles of its class.

Then we cleaned up the barrels a little and did some accuracy tests. .67 MOA @ 300 yards was the largest group out of the 3 rifles we recieved. And the average group was about .32 MOA 5 shot groups slow fire prone 300 yards. But at times we would get .25 MOA and once in a blue moon under .25 MOA @ 300 yards. This includes the wind that we had at the range... kinda hard to get away from the wind when your right on the beach.

Then the wind began to pick up so we called it a day. Still trying to find the memory card that has the pictures of the targets on it. Ill update ASAP.
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Great pictures! Thanks for bringing them over and sharing with us.

DANG... i re-aranged my photo bucket files and i guess the links dont work now... ill re set them up ASAP
Well, they were working for a while....

Pics are back up... and check this out...
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Thanks for posting all those and setting up your photobucket!
Yep :)
That rocks hard dude this whole post rocks hard :shock:

Great post, Rifle and most of all Shooting, got to love the Marines, every Marine a rifleman.
Thanks a lot for sharing those great pictures!

Semper Fi brother.Thanks for taking the time to post those pics.Now would you do us the honor of getting to know the other three Marines in the story.I'm talking about the ones that gave it all they had.
Terrific post! Thanks, very cool stuff. :D
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