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Remington M700 build project (Need some ideas)

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OK.......I am looking for a little build project (my first). I have a Remington 700 BDL (blue) in 243 win. Nice little gun, I just don't shoot/hunt with it any more. My questions are:

1. What options do I have? .243.....6mm....223.....ect..... What would you do??

2. I will only be shooting factory loads, so no wildcats

3. Looking to get a new barrel and stock at this point

4. Looking at more of a tactical rifle, but not .308. Mostly just for paper, but maybe a little hunting, not sure at this point.

5. Disclaimer: I am not a sniper and do not intend on shooting people, just yummy little animals.

Most of the work will be done by my smith, not me. So let the information flow my friends!!
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Well stock i would recomend a mcmillian manily because i think they look better my opinion dont mean to start anything.
I would recamend a shilen select match barrel heavy contour like a 5 or 7
A 7mm 08 would also be a good choice short action low recoil and could still hunt with it also u cant use a case with a smaller bolt face that a .243 u can go up but not down. Well thats my 2 cents. Lata
7-08 is nice, but think I would climb on the .260 bandwagon (6.5-08). A bit better ballistics and significantly better bullet choices from 129 to 142 grains. Both will work with your current bolt without any modification, as the .243 is yet another .308 shell casing "wildcat".

Stock choice is personal, I can only say that I have two McMillans (A-4 and an HTG) I would not want to carry the A-4 very far or for very long. The HTG is like a good hunting stock.
I have gotten some great feedback so far - but nobody has given the brand of barrel yet. Any ideas as this is my first build project. My smith really likes to use Hart barrels only.
In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a Hart barrel (I have one on my custom rifle). The other biggies are Shilen, Krieger, Schneider, Lilja, Rock. There are others, and I'm sure someone will name them all. It comes down to your preference (or that of your builder - my builder recommends / uses 3 or 4 but let me choose which one I want from that list).
OK......I have desided to sell my Rem 700 mil spec .308 (any buyers out there???) and build a custom .308. I am going to take my Rem 700 BDL in 243 to the smith the week after the 4th of July.

Now on to the stock - Since I am going all out on the barrel and action work I am going to have to stay on the lower side of the price range for the stock. I am looking at the stock that comes on the Rem 40XB tactical (made by H.S.) The non-adjustable style is about $335 +/-, from the factory.

Do any of ya'll know a place to get quality stocks (or the HS) at a realy good deal? (and in no way should anyone sugest the ultimate sniper stock! A realy good stock says something about your rifle.)

What about mag kits for the Rem 700 action? I know about the H.S. model. What about the m14 conversion? What about the Rem DM model, can you buy the after market parts to make one?
Most M14 conversions have a bad track record, the HS Conversion (4 round or 10 round) seems to be about the best coversion out there.

current status>>>

Just bought an HS Precision stock (black with gray marble) all of the aftermarket steel floormetal (big pluss!!), new hex screws, mag. spring and follower off of EBAY for $200!!! Got to love it. That money was for the barrel but the deal was to good to pass up. Now the barrel will have to wait for a little while.

I have parts for sale - look in the "for sale section"
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