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Remington M700 LTR in 300WSM

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This is news to me.... Was talking to a friend at the sporting goods store and he was telling me that they had sent several LTR's to the smith to have them converted to 300WSM (at the customers request). If I remeber correctly my LTR has a 12" twist, 20" long barrel (.308 cal). Would this pose a problem with the 300WSM? Will that barrel stabilize a 300WSM? What are your thoughts about it??
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they have a Remington 700 LTR in .300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum (RSAUM)
the .300 RSAUM is Remington's copy of the .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM)
there failry comperable, the WSM actually has more powder capacity than the RSAUM but the RSAUM supposedly is a btter round for semi-automatics im not convinced
i suppose they would fit the same action just be rebarreld? im not 100% sure though
Chances are those LTR's are getting a fresh rebarrel. The same twist or a new can be used, its what ever barrel they buy.

The other problem is going to be the case head diameter of the bolt. .300 WSM has a magnum case head. A standard bolt can be opened up if needed.... just more work.

Nope, they are not changing the barrel at all (thats what got me!!) Just open up the bolt face and enlarge the chamber . From what has been said they are pretty darn accurate (just like the 308!!)

Total price for conversion is about $250-300

I have never been able to find a LTR in 300RSAUM, only in 308 and 223, are they the same cost?
If i remember correctly the RSAUM is slightly shorter and more narrow than the WSM. It could be that the gunsmith is taking the stock barrel and reaming it to WSM specs. The bolt face should match us between the two cartridges. In theory it should work, but thats just my guess.
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