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Remington Model 7 action

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I was wondering what the difference was between the 700 BDL short action and the 7 BDL action. I never hear of precision rifles based on the 7 action, but I wondered if such a thing would be feasable.

Also, what makes a 40X action different from a 700? Besides the externally adjustable trigger? Likewise with the XP-100 action?

Thanks in advance.
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well as for Remington 700 vs 40-X
this thread might help
XP-100 is a single shot version of hte 40X? i could be wrong

about the model 7 action-
not really sure
all model 7s are short actions with 20" barrels, and tend to weigh about 1 lb less than the Remington 700 short actions in the same cal
I haven't gotten exact spec differences, they are not easy to come by, but in terms of the 7 vs. 700.

The 700 Short action is actually not a true short action but slightly longer. The 7 is a true short action and is shorter than a 700 short action. Beyond that, I think they are very similar. This was according to remington when the same question was posed to them.

Has anyone tried fitting a 7 action to a stock inletted for a 700 Short?

Interesting, thanks for the input guys.
could a precison built .308 work on a Remington 7 action?
Yes, I believe it would work very well, but finding a stock will be the hard part. You may have to pay labor costs to have a smith custom inlet the stock of your choice. Perhaps someone should contact McMillan and see if they have their computers programmed to inlet a model 7 ?? If no volunteers, I might do it when I get back in town.

Not sure about McMillan, but HS Precision offers a stock in their varmit line specifically for the model 7. Stock number PSV47.
could just keep the stock you have on a model 7 and have some gunsmithing done to it and put a heavy barrel on?
probably just cheap plastic like the Savage plastic stocks though or you could go for an HS stock that will work those stocks are great
I just talked to McMillan, and they will indeed inlet any of their stocks for the model seven (7) that they inlet for the model 700. This includes all the tactical stocks....

Now the gears in my head are turning...... again. Specifically in regards to the sc2.

Well, I took a closer look at a model 7 vs. a 700 today at the gun shop. The floor plate is much different, but the biggest change is the length of the action BEHIND the magazine area. It is nearly an inch shorter back there. The rear base for scope mounting must be extremely short.

There are enough differences to discourage me from attempting a model seven project at this time....

I don't think I would build a precision rifle on a model 7. Not saying it will not work but the aftermarket parts support is not on the level with the 700SA.
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