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Remington Sendero stock

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Does Remington make it or do they buy it (contract) from a stock maker like HS or McMillan?
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The remington Sendero, VS (Varmin Synthetic), P & LTR's, 40X's, M24's stocks all come from HS Precision under contract.


PLease forgive the constant dumb questions but would that mean that the stock on my Sendero is a pretty good stock? How would it rate with the AI, Choate, McMIllan or some of the other top of the line stocks? Thanks again for the help.
Its pretty good the same way a 700PSS stock is pretty good. It all depends upon what you want and how you use it.
Jeff, missed you at the range today. I spent about 3 hours there this afternoon. I am planning to spend all day tomorrow there to try a bunch of loads now that I have my rifle back together.
I hope your range time was productive.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but they are closed all day tomorrow (you know to give the employees a day off on the federal holiday). They open Tuesday, for members only from 9:00am to 1:00pm. After 1:00pm they will let the non-members in.
According to 2 of the range officials that were sittintg together when I asked they are going to be open their normal working hours for a Monday. I will call in the morning before I head out there though. I would hate to drive that 5 miles and they be closed on me.
The sendero stock is fine, it has an aluminum bedding block and is decent contour, but like was mentioned, it really all depends on what you want. If you like, then drive on, it'll work well. If you like another better, then move that direction.

the 700 P stock fits well and i like it
generally how are the aluminum bedding blocks? is it usually a good idea to have it glass bedded still?
what about the quality of the 700P stock? is it HS Precision? i hear it is from some people and HS Precision knockoff from others?
how is it dourability wise? i dont plan on takin it through the abuse it would go through in sniper school but i dont want a stock taht would crack on me on a hunting trip if i banged it accidnelty
The P stock is made by HS Precision. The Alum bedding blocks are nice, you do not need to glass bed them unless you are hunting for every last bit of accuracy, you may or may not see an improvement.

They are for the most part very durable.

Thanks for the onfo Mel. I was just thinking of spending some more of my last paycheck. I tried a Choate Ultimate Sniper stock a few weeks ago and was moderately impressed with it. it looks pretty cool too.

I did see some thing yesterday at the range. It was a 700 made by HS precision. It was a break-down rifle. I was looking at it and I am fairly skeptical that you could take it apart and put it back together and it be back on the money. Any thoughts on this?
think ill keep the 700 P stock i have for a while
i have the money for a McMillian but i just dont want to spend it if i dont have to heh
Any time a rifle breaks barrel from action or any other metal to metal part, you will not get perfect realignment. (This generally goes for quick detach rings/bases also). You may be able to get real darn close, but you will not get perfect. The closer you get, the less shift is possible. The HS precision take down rifles are pretty good, but like I said, they cannot be perfect, and you will see a change in zero, hopefully really really small.

I figured the same thing also. My experience in machine design over the last 15 years tells me that they can real close but never exact. You might get lucky once in a while but not every time. Thanks again for your input.
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