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Remington's upgrades for 2005

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If you haven't looked yet, you may want to go to and download their 2005 product sheet.

The 700P and LTR now come equipped with Remington's R3 recoil pad. Same with all of their shotguns. Thank god, finally theres a recoil pad on the 700P. Also, apparently now all the 700 tactical rifles can be ordered with the 40-X trigger. Finally, the LTR is now available in 6.8mm SPC. Read the sheet yourself for the other interesting updates.

If I could just convince Remington to make them in stainless now.... :)

I am quite pleased, hats off to Remington for upgrading their line. I'm thinking about getting a 700P or LTR in light of the upgrades where I had not considered them before. With the R3 pad, and optional 40-X trigger....ah yes.

A quick question, is the finish on the 700P and LTR parkerized or what?

Now we just have to wait for the rifles to become available.
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Thanks for the link! That is some good news. I do wish they would focus on their .260 Rem caliber more than the 6.8, but hey, market hype drives product development. The .260 is a hidden gem....

The finish on the P's is a matte bluing, not parkerized.

I like the 40x triggers, that will be a nice option.

looks good, but what happened to the rem. ultra mag. calibers? I guess no one was buying them?
a few people have
they havnt taken off like remington thought
its not faster is better now
its shorter is better with the winchester short magnums
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