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Remingtons VSF

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So did Remington quit making the VS and now it is the VSF (Fluted)?

This stock sounds like it is the same stock on the Rem 700P. It said it has palm swells and you can see it has 2 studs on the stock for the bi pod and sling.

I bet it still has the J lock.

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It does look and sound a lot like the 700P - except this one is available for lefties.

whats the difference between the VSF and VS and P models?
just stock color and fluting?
Ah geez, here they go confusing me again.

Okay, as far as I can tell, the stock is not quite the same, though closer. The beaver tail foreend seems to be slightly taller and has a different contour. The flutes are indeed different and not found on the 700P. The .223 also has a different rate of twist (1:12" on the VSF, 1:9" on the P).

To be honest, the VSF would make a fine tactical rifle, though I still prefer the 700P.

I seem to remember that the 700P LTR has flutes, but I haven't had any caffeine yet today so who knows.

Yeah, the other thing is the stupid ISS (bolt lock) that remington is putting on all of their rifles now. I hate it. Whats everyone elses feelings about it?

i agree with mel i HATE the lock
its one thing that can go wrong if you need your rifle, know one person who's rifle locked on them
if you want to keep your gun safe be sure its unloaded and dont allow anyone near it, keep it in your safe and dont let anyon eknow where the key is
and if anyone gets a hold of your gun shoot them with your other gun before they load it up...
Yeah, the ISS is causing me problems with the SC rifles too. I used to be able to buy a new off the shelf ADL and build on that, now I have to buy used or a bare action from Brownells (which does not have the ISS)

Honestly, I like the older remington actions.... built much nicer than the new stuff :cry:

funny hwo they dont put the damn lock on their military/law enforcement rifles yet they always assume that civilains dont know crap about firearms and arnt smart enough to put thier own locks on
perhapes its a liability which is crap methinks
Lotsa stuff like that popping up in the last few years, eh? Lil key locks for pistols and bolt guns, the crossbolt safties they have on lever guns now...Hammer at half cock was always one of my favorite forms of safety.

What I do like....Guns that come with a free trigger lock...

What I don't like...Guns that come with a safety that messes with the functiong of the gun, like those Remington ones.

I think its purpose is to deactivate the rifle when you are not using it in case it should fall into the wrong hands. That can mean anyone you don't want to be playing with your rifle. Most of you guys have safes anyway, and I think Jeff is right saying its a liability issue.

I'm looking at options for my first tactical rifle in that price range too, and I noticed Remington no longer has the VS on it's website...wonder if its been discontinued? Looks like it to me.
The VS models here are before the ISS lock I think...but you would save a whopping 30 dollars...if Remington was what someone here wanted, I don't think saving 30 bones would make the difference
I don't know when it is happing, but I heard that Remington is going to leave the J-Lock off the rifles? What year I don't know.

Is it on this VSF?
Hey muzzleblast where do you buy rifles out east from?

I usually get stuff from aberta gun shops cause they way cheaper than B.C.

Thanks for info in pm as well
i actually like my j-lock... use it alot of my 870 pump . I dont have the luxury of owning a gun safe so its good for me in the hopes that small children dont sneak back there while im not paying attention.
i have a gun safe and dont ever have kids in my house
for me its just an annoyance glad i dont like stupid locks and dont have any fortuneately

I like the changes they made to the 700VS. If they chamber for 7mm or 300saum, I will get one. Word is Remington got ride of the j-lock crap.
Boys I have this rifle at work, actually a few. First off it is fluted, not shaved like the ltr. The LTR has the barrel shaved on the sides and this has deep fluting. I have it at work in a desert tan stock and black fluted barrel. They look sexy as hell. Mel and I were on the phone this morning talking about them infact
so it it true the new Rem's don't have the J lock on them?
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