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Rifle maintenance

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Hi everyone, First time posting here :roll: ! I've been shooting bolt action for three years, and have been making my own match grade ammo for more than two years. Everything is great, except..., I'm getting "lazier" :oops: with the equipment maintenance. I hate to clean the bore every 5 shots :x , and get my hand and gun all oily :x , and everything :x . so I've been just shooting over 50 rounds w/o cleaning the bore recently. and now, I don't even wanna do that. Can't imagine if I get an AR. I can just tell how much I will hate the cleaning process every time after I take it to the range.
But I hate to have dirty equipment, so so far, all of them are still in super clean shape, but I can tell, that I'm loosing it :evil: . Is there any other effective way to make the maitenance job easier, even some pricy options are considerable. Thanks for all suggestions. Good day, and stay safe! 8) [/b]
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On a range day I will put about:

50 .308 through my Remington 700
500-1000 9mm though the mp5
100-200 through my .45

If I am feeling peppy I might clean the 700 after 25 rounds.

Ussually its just a mess when I get home :wink:

You might have problems if you shoot a few hundred rounds and come back the next week without never had cleaned your stuff but during the same day you should be fine.
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