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rifle question

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people of this forum. i wanted to know if there was anywhere (website place ect.) that makes replica sniper rifles. lemme explain the reason for this post. my father, (im only 15) and mother are EXTREEMLY oposed to firearms, of any kind. my dad who in younger days hunted with a 22 has grown to hate guns. my mom after coming from the romanian army also hated them. heres my problem, i have to beg to get an airsoft gun (plastic bbgun) so i wanted to know if there was a place that manufactures bb or replica rifles.

also there is another problem i live in LA but i dont know what the repleca gun laws are like.

much appreciated. Max
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It's not the best site, and I know there is better out there, but hey, it does the trick.
ive searched alot of websites and found alot of bbguns, however i cant find a replica rifle like one that would be used in a movie.
Sure you can, try Atlanta Airsoft. I bought some for my brother to play with, and I never realized how much they sting. He tweaked his pistol I got him and it shoots at about 420fps.

There are even foriegn paintball manufactures that make M4s, but they fire different rounds.

Edit: Please be careful though, once (if) you take the little orange plastic "I'm a fake gun" cover off, you might attract unwanted attention.
i was lookin around and i found some replica guns (non firing) however they were mostly WW2 guns.
You can have airsoft in california as long as the barrell haze a blaze orange tip.

This may seem cheesy but it will keep law enforcement from turning you into swiss cheese. I have a big concern for all people who use airsoft becase the weapons are so realistic you may not be able to tell unless you are holding one.

I would give a recommendation....if you get one only use it at a designated field and treat it like a real gun during transportation....i.e. in a locked box or case...preferably in the trunk.

If you do paint over the orange end ....or just change it as everybody seems to do....make sure you treat it like a real firearm.

PS they even make airsoft sniper rifle could try ebay too.

Good luck and be safe.
well everyone i think this is a dead case. thanks FLEA for the tip on how LE treats things. ive really looked around and there are REALLY nice ones out there. however i think it would be cheaper to wait till im over 18 and get a real one. its like 400 + for a decent looking one. also FLEA i rarely if ever take my USP out of the house so i dont have to worry about LE and SWAT getting funny ideas. Thanks anyhow.
i got another question directed to both FLEA and Nekekami... what does it mean when they talk about the AI rifles being built around a "chassis" system. :?: is it a solid block or what :?:
Max338 said:
i got another question directed to both FLEA and

Nekekami... what does it mean when they talk about the AI rifles being built around a "chassis" system. :?: is it a solid block or what :?:
It not solid it is bolted together around the action...not beded like other stocks.

This site has not more info

or this site
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interesting... Thats exactly what i was asking thanx...
Concerning your original post,

You will have to go with airsoft guns. Be advised that they are in fact quite expensive for what they are (bb guns) but look like the real thing and duplicate the fire type (full auto, burst fire, etc.) of the original.

"Replica guns" of modern firearms are pretty much non-existant, as most replica guns are WWII machine guns and SMG's that were rebuilt with solid dummy recievers so they cannot be converted to fire live ammo.

but I think Airsoft should suit the bill. The Japanese ones tend to be quite good.
thanx :!: Good advice appriciated
I am avid airsoft player. i have over 7 guns(ak-47, m733, m4, m933, m16a2, mp5sd5, glock 17), plus 3 sniper rifles(m40a1, l96, m24)

All of my guns are full metal and shoot 400fps with .2g bb's

My snipers all shoot 600fps with .2g bbs

m40 is full wood stock, m24 uses a real m24 stock, l96 is custom.

these airsoft guns can get just as $$$ as the real steel counterparts.

but its a fun way to play milsim.
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