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Rifle Test - Patriot Arms, Inc.

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Mel - How about a test run on Jered Joplin's handiwork (the guy loves his .308s). His rifles have been in a few of the magazines lately, including one with an 18 inch supressed barrel that shot lights out at Fort Benning (I think it was Benning anyway). Check him out in the April edition of "Special Weapons."
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Lately I've been trying to buy off the shelf versions for review, kind of keeps the reviews more ligit, but Patriot Arms stuff is a bit rich for sniper central. I'll see what they might be willing to do for a T&E rifle.

You are correct - his rifles are a bit pricey. Supposedly they shoot lights out.

I can bring it up with Jered if it might help. He is rebarreling my 700 PSS as we speak. Let me know. I don't want to step on anyone's toes.
Sure, go ahead and run it by him, see what he might have to say.


I have good news and bad news. The good news (at least from my perspective) is that Jered is interested in having you demo one of his "standard" sniper rifles.

The bad news is that he is virtually out of inventory, having sold nearly everything in his shop following the recent SHOT show in Vegas. Plus, he is working like a dog to finish work for people like me (he is rebarreling my PSS). I know he has several rifles posted on his site as being "for sale", but I do not know if he considers any of them his standard sniper.
Newest bad news update on the Partiot Arms Inc. rifle review.

Charlie Cutright (SP?) writer for Precision Shooting or Precision Rifle magazine (one of the two) was testing the Patriot Arms Inc. rifle that Jered was going to ship to you for your review and test. The good and the bad news is that Mr. Cutright decided he liked that rifle enough that he wanted to keep it for his personal rifle.

This is getting pretty funny and sad all at the same time. Jered said he was going to drop you a line directly (I gave him your email address) to discuss the timing for your rifle review, among other issues.
Yes, Jared contacted me. We are making arrangements to have a rifle sent out when complete.


New Update on teh Patriot ARms demo rifle. I just got an email from Jered, and he is going to give a discount to people from this site who elect to buy a rifle from him after your demo.

Well done and you haven't even put a shot through it yet.

Heh... yes, we are currently working on the details. I didn't want to say anything until it was all worked out. Oh well!

oops - this would have been a keep your trap shut event. :oops:
heh... don't worry about it. All is well!


I wanted to give you an official "thank you" for the Patriot Arms review. After reading it for the second time, I noticed one item that could be clarified.

Although I have a Broughton barrel in my Patriot GTR, I had several other options and Jered and I discussed each of them on the phone - Rock, Hart, Lilja, Shilen, etc. I picked the Broughton, but was within an eyelash of getting a Rock 5R cut rifled barrel (it turned out the turn around on the Broughton was going to be about 3 weeks faster - so I jumped on it).

Also, what was the PMC ammo that you used. I'm seriously intrigued and want to test some of it.

Thanks again for the fast review of Jered's work. His rifles shoot like carazy, but it all comes down to his attention to the details.


As far as Jared explained to me, he has elected to go with the boughton barrels for the genesis rifle. He wants to keep these rifles to a set configuration in order to get the cost down to the $1850 (with supplied action). It also allows him to have a "known" in terms of what to expect for performance everytime. I'm sure other arrangements could be made for other barrels, for those interested, just contact Jared (Patriot Arms).

Ah, yes, the PMC ammo. I did not have intentions of buying any but there was a PMC rep at a local gun shop and we got to talking about their 308D (which they didn't have on hand) and somehow their match ammo came up. I bought two boxes at $16 per box (seems to be about the going price) and thought I'd try it out. Its 168gr. It performed beyond my expectations, and its off the shelf match ammo, available in many places. It shot everybit as good as federal in the Patriot Arms rifle. I was impressed.

Is that the PMC silver 168 SMK, or is actually called match ammunition?
Thats the stuff. You want the 308SMB. Its their match load, and so far, I'm impressed.

Patriot Arms Urban Sniper


Maybe you could talk to Jared to let you have the Urban Sniper for testing. I've read a great article in the Guns and Weapons magazine. According to the article, the AR-15 based gun is capable of 3/4 MOA at 650 yards. I know it's not a true sniper rifle, but it could do as a counter sniper rifle/designated marksman/urban sniper.

Best regards

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