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Rifle update and Thanks

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I just wanted to say a very big thank you to maany of the forum members here. I originally contemplated selling my rifle before I even bought it, but due to some great advice, I kept it and love it.

Now just to do some photography in exchange for gunsmithing :)

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What kind of rifle is it? Sort of looks like a m24 sorta.
good pictures :)
is that the Remington 700 LTR?
Remington LTR, Leupold M1, Federal Match 168GR
very nice setup
i have a Remington 700P with a Leupold Mk4 PR 3-9x scope, its in the gallery section
i dont think my picture taking skills are that bad but i cant take anywhere near the quality of pictures that you can take heh
clk: awsome setup you have there. I know you'll love your 700, I love mine too. I have a 700VS with the 5R rifling, and a Leupold VXIII 6.5-20X40 in the gallery section under "Enough is never Enough". Sorry but the pictures are not nearly as good as yours :p .
Once again, I'm here to agree with APK. I've had some great times with my Remington 700 VS in .308 Win.
Maybe you can stop by Havasu some time and do our rifles justice with your pictures.
Keep them coming.

My folks have a vacation home in Havasu, in fact, some of my earliest memories are of visiting havasu as a kid... been going there all my life, though its been a while since I've last been there. Heck, I remember flying into havasu airport with my dad (in a cessna 172) and landing at the airfield out on the island... LONG before the Int. airport was ever there. I imagine there are some good long range shooting ranges out there?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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