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rifling rate of twist

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Could anyone clear this up for me? If so it would be a great help.
Could you tell me the hole rate of twist thing like: 1 in 10" is what my new savage modle 111 in 30-06 has (and i love it) is that a good thing for longer range shooting? Or is 1 in 10" a bad thing for longer range shooting?
By longer range shooting i mean 500 too 800 yards.

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Err, sounds like some bad data.

Rate of twist determins what weight bullets that will be stabilized with a give cartridge. There is actually a formula out there to calculate what ROT is needed for a given caliber and bullet weight (but I forget the formula). The heavier the bullet, the more RPM you need to stabilize it, so a faster rate of twist is needed. (faster meaning, one twist in LESS distance). For .308, if you are shooting 175+ then I generally recommend 1:10" (or 1:11" if its an option).

Your 1:10" works great for just about all common weights shot with the -06

THanks JLU, that looks like the one I remember.

In terms of lighter bullets with faster rate of twist barrels. Yes, there can be cases of "overstabilization" with light bullets, but the cases are generally extreme. You "should" be fine with a 145 in a 1:10 twist, but notice I said "should" as I have not fired any bullets that light through my .308 rifles.

For 168 1:10 and 1:12 will both work. if you ever plan to shoot 175's, it might be best to go with a 1:10" barrel

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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