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Ring Inserts

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I have seen some shooters put some kind of inserts or tape between the rings and scope. What's the purpose? Are they there to prevent the scope from being marred by the rings or do they provide a better grip surface?
Is it a special kind of tape that they used?
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Well, it depends exactly on what kind of inserts you are talking about.

1) Scope Tape - Helps prevent ring marks and helps with scope alignment.

2) 30mm to 1" ring adaptor inserts - Badger is a good example here. They do not make a 1" ring, only 30mm. They make an adaptor insert that will allow a 1" scope to be mounted in their 30mm rings.

3) Scope alignment inserts - Burris Pos-Align. These little inserts are suppose to allow the scopes to be aligned perfectly without ring marks even if rings are pretty out of line. Esentially addresses the same problem ring lapping does, but with different engeineering!

Those are the possibilities I can think of that you saw at the range.

Is it a special kind of tape? Which one do you recommend to prevent ring marks? Thanks for your input, Mel.
To be honest, I do not really use any of the above. The scope tape isn't as bad idea as its not suppose to crush or move, but I don't trust it. Lapping the rings will prevent ring marks and is probably what I would recommend. The Burris ring system actually does work, and may be worth trying.

To be honest, I don't really give much thought about ring marks, I have just come to expect it. As long as its not so bad that its damaging the tube

If you are using precision made rings, AND have the base(s) un-properly
aligned, there would be an out-of-alignment situation which would cause ring marks. The only reason that ring marks would ever occur on a scope is due to the above factors.
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