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rings and mounts

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I am looking for advice and suggestions for rings and a mounting rail. I have a Rem 700 Sendero in 300 RUM (baby cannon). My scope is a NightForce 5.5-22 x 56 NSX. I have looked at Badger Ordinance, NightForce and US Optics. Right now I am leaning toward the NightForce system simply because I know I will be getting what I need and it will all fit. I have already talked with JeffVN on here and he has made some really good recommendations (thanks again Jeff). I would also like you other guys suggestions also. All of these systems are about the same price and that isnt a problem (read no wife :D ). Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.
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I'll leap in and take a bullet here.

I recommend the US Optics for the rings, as they tighten from both sides, allowing you to cener teh scope perfectly down the bore axis, Additionally, since they tighten from both sides you can overcome a set of off-center scope holes (on my PSS the holes are offset to the left by 25 thousandths - that will make you a crazy man until you figure that one out) and get the scope centered perfectly down the axis of the bore without having to use any windage from the scope to make it happen.

As far as a picatinny rail base goes, they are all good, all can or will give you 20 MOA slant for long-range work and multiple attachment points for the extra gizmos that I like to use - like a barrel cant level indicator (US Optics can give you 30 MOA if you are a real 1,000 yard plus hound)
ok....dumb question.

20MOA slant. does this mean that its point 20 inches "down" at 100yds and 200" at 1000yds? (for lack of better discriptions) Sorry if this question butchers the proper use of such terminology.
Well, depends on what you are saying points down. Yes, the scope points down 20" at 100 yards, which actually makes the barrel point UP, so you have to dial in down adjustments (20MOA) to bring it to zero.

Boy, that sounds confusing. Let me simplify.

A 20MOA base causes your rifle to hit 20 MOA high (or 20" at 100y). So, you have to dial in 20moa of down dope to zero at 100y. What this does for you is give you an extra 20 MOA to use when you get to long ranges and with the .308 with a typical scope with minimal adjustments, you'll need it. Most scopes in the 4-12x range with a 1" tube only have about 40-50 MOA of total adjustment. If your rifle is zeroed perfect in the middle at 100y, then you only have 20-25 MOA of up adjustment, which isn't enough to get a .308 to 1000y. So, use a 20MOA rail and then your 100y zero is down at the bottom of that 40-50 MOA of adjustments, giving you nearly the full range of adjustments to get you to 1000y and beyond.

If you have a nice 30mm tube, you probably have 80-100 MOA of adjustments which generally is plenty unless you are going extreme.

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