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Hey SC members,

It's been a couples months since I've had the opportunity to use the forums. I'm happy to inform you that I've completed my basic training at RTC, Great Lakes, IL. I'll be moving on to my formal training ("A"/"C" Schools) next week in Charleston, SC. I look forward to a great tour, and maybe career in the United States Navy. I've been cleared for the Nuclear Power field and am considering submarine duty. There's a brief picture of what's awaiting me, but the main goal of my post is to thank those of you who had advice/support for me. APK-223 sent some of your comments in a letter and I appreciate the effort. Thanks to you guys.

By the way, the M16 is no longer taught at RTC. I was hoping to test my shooting background against some of my shipmates, but unfourtunately I couldn't. I was trained with the M9 pistol though, which is not really my area. I did well, and enjoyed that though. That's really all the firearms news I've got. I look forward to shooting again, but I'll most likely have to wait till after "A" School.

I'll check back here Sunday (my last day of liberty), but I won't be on regularly until the new year or so. I hate being away from shooting, reloading, and just the range in general, but I've got priorties. I look forward to getting back online with you guys. Take care.

-SN Dan Kovacs, USN.
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