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I'm looking at selling a Win Custom 7mm Mag I have, and buying a new Rem 700. I'm interested in a big-bore for hunting purposes -- elk, bear, and mule-deer at long range. I've kinda taken it down to 300 and 338.

338 will be a bit "overkill" for mulies, but I can get away with my 7mm08 on them. But, for the most part ... 338WIN and 338RUM are what I'm looking at in the "big bores". I'm kinda partial to 338 Win, for the variety in ammo -- OR -- the 300 Win and 300 Rum. Again, 300 WIN because it's a little more for variety.

I've taken it down to the Rem 700 LSS and Sendero -- Sendero for 300, LSS for 338. I think the two shells will sort of be identical for the big game purposes, but I'm wondering if one has the advantage? It's going to be the "gun" over caliber, 338 dosen't come in the Sendero :( so I'll have to get the LSS if I take a 338.

Well I don't think I said anything but "300 and 338" ... but, which would you prefer for a long-distance big-game gun? (Long distance - 250-350 yards ... big game - elk, moose, bear, caribou, and mulies at long distance).

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Sendero is gonna be mroe accurat eand better for long range shooting than the LSS
its got a HS stock instead of wood a good thing to me but nto to others
you might want to look into the .300 RUM which is available for the Sendero
i thought that last year they made the sendero in .338 but i could be wrong
might want to check out the 700P its available in .300 WM and RUM both are capable of shooting big game 250-350y in the right hands
the 700P is probably gonna cost a bit less and give just as good performance as the Sendero
What's RUM stand for? :D

Scatch Maroo
Remington Ultra Mag
I'm a 700P guy, but that is just my preference (the stock has a nicer palm swell).

You can get a 700P in 300 RUM? If so How much?
yes the 700P its available in .300 RUM

never shot one in that cal but 700Ps are great
believe they should cost the same as the ones in .308.. $800 maybe less if you can find a good deal

heres a 700P in 300 Ultra ... roduct=830
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