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S&W 1500 Military & police

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I have accquired or am about to accquire a Smith & Wesson 1500 military & police model, I know it is a Howa model 1500 imported by S& W it is in .308 win . oil finish stock matee or parkerized metal.
Anyone own one or shot one ? thoughts comments? it was also AVailable in.223 ,herad they are pretty good had one but let it go before any serious shooting and am trying to get another.
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This is one of those few rifles that I really do not know much about except that howa built them. I think we would all be interested in hearing about yours and seeing some pics.

I helped a friend of mine sight in his Howa 1500 once. Seems like a pretty good rifle. It was pretty accurate, too. Basically a Jap copy of the Remington 700 (plus an M16-style extactor :? ). Should be a pretty good shooter.
Back when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth and when I was young, ( back in the 1980s), Mossberg imported the Howas.

They were well regarded back then. The one I sampled was nice.

weatherby vanguards are also the howa action, although they have a few special .22-250 is one of the new Vanguard Sub-MOA, for a retail of $799 you can buy a new Weatherby Vanguard thats guaranteed to shoot sub minute of angle, but the ones they pull for this model are the vanguards that shoot .75 or less, then the pillar bed them and put them into a tan with black webbing stock... i got mine for $589.99
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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