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S&W scope

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Does anyone have knowledge of S&W scopes? I have the oppertunity to buy a new S&W 6-24-42 long range scope for a very reasonable price. The scope seems to be solidly built. I plan on mounting it on my Remington 700. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Semper Fi,
Gunny G
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hey gunny, this is my first post here. i just discovered this site and was about to post some optics related questions myself.i assume you found this S&W scope at CDNN. i recently bought the less powerful version of the scope you're considering,the 4-18,42mm. for $179. being on a budget ,at $600 retail it looked like a deal. i got it for a rem. 700 PSS that i recently picked up at a gunshow back home in georgia. i showed the scope to my brother in law and another good freind,both very knowledgable/experienced shooters,and they said it seemed to be pretty nice (for what that's worth). the freind and i went out last week to zero the rifle, and he was very impressed with it.
but now as i read and learn more, i am considering something issue i have is with it's variable power and the effect it has on the mil-dot uniformity at different powers. the scopes manual says that most scopes are made so that at 10X,one mil-dot equals ONE mil-dot,yet this scope that point is at 9X,but according to the manual provided, that 9X mil-dot equals 3.44 MOA, rather than the 3.6 MOA that it should.
i realize this was a long winded respose for so little help,but it's all i got. good luck.........m.r.
P.S. uh,sorry...i just realized that this question was months old.DOH ! but i also would appreciate any more info anyone has on these scopes before i ditch it for something else.
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The S&W scopes are another of the OEM branded scopes out there (like winchester, browning, etc). They generally are fine, but no better or worse than the other ones.

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