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SAAB Barracuda suits

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I've had the opportunity to try out some of the SAAB Barracuda camo suits, and they work very well. Good choice of patterns, blends very well with terrain, light and waterproof, and can still be customized. It also suppresses the IR signature to a certain degree.

No more hand-made Ghillie for me, that's how happy I am with their gear =)
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I was wondering how the breathability of the suits is? Especially in hot weather. The "Waterproof" has me worried a bit.

Ok, I phrased my comment somewhat badly. What I meant by water-proof is that the material itself doesn't get soaked. So, if it rains, or you've had to crawl through water etc, you won't have to carry around extra kg's due to water etc. Another advantage is that you won't leave a vapour cloud around you as the suit dries.

However, it does get _quite_ warm, due to the IR suppression.
I went to the link you gave and it gave me some info about the company. Is there any link where I can see the actual suit?
Oh bother. I had forgotten that linking directly doesn't work.

In the search box, search for SOTACS, check out the SOTACS and Poncho entries especially. You'll see a link labelled Camouflage, Concealment and Deception... CLick it for more options.

The interesting thing with these materials is that they also reflect UV properly, so the winter gear will appear white even when using UV gear. All other suits I've seen fail in that regard.
the warrior uniform looks interesting also


Indeed it does, even though it's primarily aimed at basic troops, such as infantry etc.
Yes, I noticed that. But as we all know, its a PAIN to be in a ghillie 100% of the time, and unfeasible. But a lightweight camo suit that is easy to move in (as the warrior suit appears to be) it may be a great alternative, and keep the big heavy, hard to move in ghillie in your ruck for when you need it for the ultimate camo.


The SOTACS suit can be adapted in a way that you can attach stuff to it.... Eliminating the need to carry that ghillie with you... ;)
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