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Just following up on the "Sako Blow up" thread

Speaking to a Gun shop owner here in OZ. Says the Sako rep visited him last week. The rep had no clue that there had been any blow ups anywhere ever. He faxed the pics (of the blown up finlight) off to the Australian head office and then rang them. He was reluctantly told that there had actually been 3 seperate blowups in recent months on Sako and Tikka rifles. If these were just in Australia, he didnt elaborate.

Apparently Sako/Tikka are preparing a world wide Recall for all 2004 stainless rifles. Which models or production dates he didnt say.

We will wait and see

Mulga :D
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sounds serious
ALL rifles made in 2004?
3 blow ups like the one we saw

thanks for the info
keep us posted

that must be a LOT of Sako/Tikka rifles being recalled...
I have herd scince that it is one particular batch which is being recalled...batch of what...barrels mabie.

Anyhow have had 1 report of someone recieving a letter from Baretta Australia telling him to return his rifle to the place of purchase due to a suspected manufacturing problem. The rifle will be sent away for testing. He is hoping to recieve a new rifle from it.

How is Baretta going to know how owns what rifle? In Australia the Government know who owns what.(btw you guys in the US can look foward to this if Kerry wins :wink: ) Baretta can access the list who knows.

Thier best option is to place a list of serial numbers on the SAKO/TIKKA web site.


Oh, by the way all...Not really relevant but I just remembered this, so I'll throw it in this thread.

Someone was asking about Remington 710's...there was a recall on those too. If anyone buys one, or owns one of those already, probably be best to check it out. It's a 2002 problem, but I know our small town gun store here hasn't moved very many of those rifles. Wonder why not? :D

But anyway, here's the page...forgot to mention it in the 710 thread
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