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SAKO TRG-S, anyone have experience?

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Anyone have any experience with the SAKO TRG-S? It's based on the TRG action, but with a more traditional stock, and only available in magnum models, and lighter than its pure-breed tactical brethren. Would be interesting to know how it performs compared to the TRG-42, for example.
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No, but it sound interesting. If its lighter than the typical tactical rifle its going to hit pretty hard on both ends (unless it has a muzzle brake of course).
Yeah, I know the recoil will be tougher(as I commented in another thread where I mentioned SAKO's hunting rifles). But what I was thinking was that maybe with a barrel switch, or doing subcaliber rounds of what we're experimenting with, maybe we won't need so much gunpowder, but can still get the bullet to reach higher velocities, and less recoil. Would be interesting....
By subcaliber do you mean a sabot round, with say a 6mm projectile encased in a polymer shell that is fired down the barrel at some ungodly fast speed (say 3,400 fps) like they are doing in the varmint arena. That would dramatically reduce the recoil for the shooter.

I've seen discussion where they get those sabot bullets up over 3,700+ fps. That would be something to check out.
Yes. The sabots are actually the polymer shell you're talking about, and the projectile is subcaliber(It's smaller than the bore of the barrel.
The word is originally derived from the netherlands, where sabots are wooden shoes, also called clogs in english.

And yes, I do have experience with using subcaliber rounds, since it's our primary issued sniper ammunition, as I have mentioned.. :roll:
Like Isaid I've never shot one before. I understood that these types of rounds were not as accurate as "full sized" bullets (something to do with the uneven shedding of the polymer shell once it leaves teh barrel of the rifle). You've obviously corrected that problem, or it would not be your primary ammunition.

What kind of MOA do they hold over long range (beyond 700 to 800 meters)?
I'd say 0.5-2 depending on the shooter and how much further out from 800m it is. As I noted, at 1000-1100m I'm fairly confident that my shot will land in the upper body of the target when I'm wet, tired and uncomfortable(4 days of 3 degrees celsius in the day, melting snow etc, and -5 degrees celsius and the wet clothes freezing on you isn't fun when you're waiting to take your shot), while some would miss all the time, most likely. There are some who are really pushing the envelope and extend the range where they can be fairly confident to hit in the chest to 1100-1200m, and can definitely take chances to hit targets beyond 1200m, and still have a decent chance of hitting, my instructor one of them.

One of the big problems is the precision fit of the sabots. That's one of the areas where there are only a few rare humans that can compete with machines. Hand-loaders will have a problem with getting the perfect fit necessary for defeating the problem. There's also another problem I've heard being talked about, and that's some people having a low ratio of twist for the caliber. At one swedish forum there was talk about sabot ammo, and for example with 7.62x51, those who have 1 in 12 twist complained more about sabot ammo being inaccurate than those with 1 in 10 twist. Probably because the slower twist doesn't yield enough force to make a quick and clean separation.
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Back to your original question!

The TRG-S rifles are pretty good. At first sight I was a bit skeptical because of the hunting weight barrel (not heavy barrel). But these rifles are pretty good. They have been shooting sub MOA, of course its ammo dependent. But if you were going to rebarrel, then I would certainly take a look at these rifles.

Lazaronni had a deal for a while where he would rebarrel this rifles in his various calibers. Sako would ship him the rifles, he would rebarrel them, and then resell them to dealers.


Yeah, I'd definitely rebarrel the rifle. Thanks for the insight.
A friend has a Sako TRG-S ......338 Lapua. I put three rounds through it prone at a 650 metre steel target. The first shot had what I would call brisk recoil, the second one felt like someone wacked me on the head with a rubber mallet......the third was an instant headache!......He's getting a muzzle brake for it !!
Anyone have a pic of this sort of rifle?
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