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Savage 10FPXP - anyone?

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Hi - Has anyone played w/ the Savage 10FPXP? A place I cheked out had it available in either a Choate or McMillan stock in a .308. I've not heard anything on tis rifle - maybe someone has had a chance to test it?

- TonyMT

Here's a pic of it w/ scope and bipod

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I have not used one of the Choate or McMillan versions, but have test 110FP and 10FP versions. You can read those reviews here
Most of it applies. The new models have the large bolt handle (nice) and accu-trigger (also much better then the old). The stock is an obvious difference also.

nice rifle, i think

I am going to buy this rifle as soon as i get the money for it, looks nice and it's a savage so it should do fine,i have used that type of stock on a .22, and it was a very pleasent shooting experiance
I'm planning on getting that rifle here in the next two weeks, i was all set on teh remington 700 LTR but i got a chance to shoot the savage model with the choate stock in .308 and i kinda prefeered it, so thats what i decided to go with... ill let you know how it goes.
Well i got my shiny new rifle today, all i have to say is WOW i have received 2 brand new rifles in a box, this being the third, the latter 2 were both remingtons and the finish as you may or may not know is horrible.. however on the savage i could not find a scratch dent, or anythign else for that matter, well i cleaned the barrel out real good getting it ready for the range,i will probably be breaking the barrel in on thursday, im starting it out with some federal match gold (just for break in) and then moving to my own handloads... Im kidna curious to see if this rifle shoots as near to accuracy that everyone who recomends it say it does.
Sounds good, please keep us posted on the progress


i have the same choate stock on my 110fp and it seems to be a good combo.

My great wife picked me up one for Christmas and I'm wondering about the testing on this unit. Mine has the Millet 4x12-40 scope (but the same Choate stock and bipod) and I fired it yesterday and loved it, but I'm new to rifle shooting. Any hints regarding this rifle? From what I'm reading, can I expect the scope to crap out on me before long?
I bought one a few months ago. 20in barrel w/ choate stock. I have to say, I really love this rifle. The stock is very comfortable to shoot with, and the accutrigger is really great, though some people may not care for it. I find that it gives the feel of a nice two-stage trigger, which I've always preferred anyways.

Mine shot 1/4" groups (100y) right out of the box, with many shots going through the same holes.

The only minor complaint I have about the rifle is with the accessory rail on the stock. I like the style and concept of the quick-detatch bipod stud, but it raises the stud too far from the forearm of the stock, causing the bipod (Harris anyways) to lose contact with the stock. This causes the rifle to have a little bit of wobble from side to side, but this could also be seen as a blessing in disguise: in shooting positions featuring uneven ground, it can help avoid canting by allowing you to tip the rifle slightly from side to side. But still, I'm trying to come up with something to fill the gap between bipod and stock, but it apparently hasn't hurt my shooting any.
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This is my Savage .308 5 shots at 100 yards 168 SMK 44.5 varget.

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I just bought a model 12vss, Choate stock, stainless fluted 26", in .308 with a Mueller 4-16x illuminated mildot . I love this thing! Five shot groups nearly covered by a quater with 168gr. Fed. match and 110grain Hornaday TAP ammo.

I like the idea of the rail on front also, but had the same sloppy fit problem. I was pointed to what's called a "Europen rail adaptor" I beleive. Basicly it's a post that fits the rail and sits at the correct height for the bipod to tighten up. It's pretty slick and looks better than the rail.
I have two of the Savage 10FP one is .223 with Choate stock best shooting rifle I have incredible accuracy but quite heavy. I also have a 20 in in .308 with a more traditional stock and it is also almost as accurate but a lot more portable - my favorite. My Remmington 700 PSS is not even in the same class as far as accuracy.
How is the "factory" stock on these rifles? I don't have a very good opinion on the Choate stocks and they don't offer the McMillan stock in a 223. So, the original Savage are they?
brian.phinney said:
How is the "factory" stock on these rifles? I don't have a very good opinion on the Choate stocks and they don't offer the McMillan stock in a 223. So, the original Savage are they?
The factory Savage stocks are extremely poor !
I've heard about stocks that will twist in your hands. I think that's the primary way they keep the overall cost down, but some people take that pretty seriously; not that a good stock isn't important, but I get the feeling some shooters let this reflect on the rifle in the stock as well. Good news is that replacements stocks are plentiful. Doesn't seem to bother some people but a good stock is conducive to good accuracy.
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