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Savage .22s

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Anybody have experiences with Savage's .22s? Looking at there left handed bolt heavy barrel. Accutrigger's not mentioned so I'll assume its not there.

For about the price of getting my 10/22 "fixed up" I can have another gun...besides the 10/22 was a gift from the gramps so I just assume leave it as is. (good sparrow/squirrel/**** memories in that thing)
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Someone handed me a Savage .22 on the firing line a week ago. It seemed to be a well balanced rifle, and probably fairly accurate, but I can't remember anything more about it, not even a designation. There was an SKS-D on the line as well, so guess where my eyes went. :roll:
I own the Savage MK-II BV (actually it was designated as LV when I purchased it, but its the same rifle). It has a grey laminate stock and heavy barrel. I absolutely love this gun. With a 9X scope @ 100 yards, prone position off a bipod, I was hitting groups the size of a quarter or smaller. This was using .22LR Remington Thunderbolts, and no wind. I am quite impressed with the accuracy. However, my biggest complaint is the plastic trigger guard. Also, the original magazine the came with the rifle has a side to side wobble when it is attached. This does not affect the guns performance however. The other magazine is nice and snug with no side to side wobble. I would imagine your model gun would have equal performance in accuracy. If you want info. specific to that model, try and post in the Savage forum. You need to register, though. Hope this helps!

Sean :)
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