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Savage A4 Pic

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Heres acouple pics a friend sent to me of his rifle. I am still working on my rifle at this moment, and waiting for parts to arrive.

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The top pic goes along with the pictures above, the bottom was posted on the snipershide forums concerning my project.

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The rifle looks great, as does the accuracy!! Thank you for posting, keep us opdated!

Did you have the action glass bedded, pillar bedded, other work done?

That rifle is my friends rifle, he said he had some work done on it by GA precision (glass/pillar bedding). Mine is going to be triple bedded as soon as i get my mcm stock. cant wait! Its going to have a digital camo coat.
Here is a post from a snipershide member named gofish :

Gonna have to join the parade. This is a scan of my first ten shots during a break-in of my 10FP. It's not even the 10FP-LEx version, just the cheapie with the Savage stock. I couldn't pass on the price, so curiousity got me, and I'm pretty pleased.

Every shot is a cold bore shot after a complete cleaning during break-in; the upper group is FGM 175. Not very impressive, and lent Brian towards higher blood pressure. But the lower five shots is 178AMAX/Hirtenberger brass/42.5gr/IMR 4064/FGM 210M and are also cold bore. I guess the group to be about .310" (my calipers aren't here).

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This is the camo coat i want done... its going to cost me $300, but the quality is so great, and they paint the entire rifle! its called Digital Woodland.

here is their desert version that they do (yes, they coat the scope, rings & bipod too :D )
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hey wow that rifle shoots great i have the same rifle just in factory trim i hope my rifle shoots that well i have only shot a bow of shells through it and i was getting half inch groups with factory ammo how much did it cost you to to put the A4 stock on
I'm fairly skeptical of camo schemes painted on the rifle. I could see it as useful for personalization or "coolness". Possibly even if you only use the rifle for hunting in a specific terrain at a specific time of the year. For sniping purposes, a flat base colour scheme is better, and then spend the money on several sets of nets, cloths etc. The advantage is that the nets, cloths etc are interchangeable, break up the contour in a better way and thus becoming more versatile. Not to mention cheaper.

But once again, I'm talking from a military perspective.
Here is a pic of a savage with an McM A2 Stock

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In the UK hunting with AirRifle's is a big thing and because you have to get witin 40-60yards max to use them (UK power limit is 12Ft lbs without ticket)most hunters camo their rilfes. A comapy called Hydrographics is very popular for this. Have aq look at.......

They can do almost anything using their methods. Anyway just thought you guys might like a look.
I have gone .308, I will stay .308 :D
Hey do you happen to know the name of the color scheme of the McM stock on the top two pics of your friend's rifle?
And were the photos of the groups at 100 and 735 yards fired with the standard Savage barrel or a seperately purchased custom one?
8) Nate;
I am new to this forum but found it when I was looking around for ideas on building up a good shooting rifle.
I have an A5 stock presently being made for a Savage 10FP LE1 in 308.
I am undecided on what scope to put on this.
What I am considering is
Leupold 3.5-10x40 LR/T M1 Mildot
or a Nikon or a Springfield...leaning towards the Leupold at the moment.
I am not sure of what Base will work with this gun (Has or will have the Accutrigger because I have not bought the gun yet either) I have just got McMillan building the stock.
Have you got any suggestions?
If you are going to have the Accutrigger model then your choices will be a Ken Farrel orBadger base, I am using the Ken Farrel 20 MOA base on my Savage LE2/Accutrigger...

I know you didnt ask me but I would stay away from theSpringfield scopes, sounds like all the scopes you listed are in the general same price range so the best one to choose would be the Leupold.The Nikon Tacticle scope I have heard of hardly anyone trying it out this year and I think I would wait on it and see how it turns out down the road.

Here is a Rem PSS I painted myself last year.. Its not digital but looks good in the weeds, if you can find it :D

By the way, Celt at HD Rifles does very good work and has a good reputation in this type of work, he also has a bolt modification that he is popular for...
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