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Savage floorplate

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Do savage 10FP rifles come with a removable floorplate? i was always under the impression that they didnt. If they dont is there anyone who offers floormetal for these rifles that could be inletted into the factory stock as well as a new mcmillan?

also, will stocks (mcmillan tactical and hs precision) inletted for remington actions work with a savage action? Mcmillans website says it will (in FAQ)but id like some evidence of this. How about remington floorplates?
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I too

I too am curious about whether the remington inletted stocks will fit a savage action. Would make it easier to find a mcmilllan stock for my savage, without having to go through the 6month wait from mcmillan.

No, savage rifles (10, 110, 12, 112) do not have floor plates. I have not seen any after market ones either. I believe the bedding/action profile is very similar to Remington, but I do not believe they are the same, and as such, the inletting is slightly different on the stocks (I'm not sure how much or where). I know McMillan will inlet for savage, but HS does not, and I've not heard of anyone getting a savage to easily fit in a HS precision stock.

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