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No suggestions unfortunately, but I would like to try those Eley! I'm not sure if we can even get them here in Oz. How would they compare in velocity to Win. T22 (which is popular for target rifle and pistol here)?
In Australia Eley is available through Rebel Gun Works in Brisbane (and probably others as well) but it is VERY expensive here.

Try to justify spending the dollars on the ammo that it won't be happy until you do so.
Just to add a little to this Nate, for training you should be treating each shot as you would with your centerfire anyway, that makes it somewhat easier to justify the cost of top shelf ammo. What is the point if you can't tell if a flyer is you or the ammo? You may as well just dry fire with your centerfire, it is free.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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