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Savage Model 10FP-LE1A

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I'm new to the HP rifle thing and to the board and i'm looking for info about the 20 in barrel, choat stock 308. I have always wanted to build a rem 700 for long range shooting, but i saw the savage at my local shop the other day and almost hit the floor when i saw the pricetag. $550 on sale. I can't even get a rem to start with from the same place for less than $700. I have read all the reviews i could find and everyone seems to like them, but i guess i'm looking for reasons NOT to buy it. Is there any downfalls to having the savage over the rem? I like the fact that it has a decent stock and ajustable trigger from the factory and less stuff for me to mess with. I have had plenty of rifles and was looking at getting a AR in the spring, but this is almost too good to pass up. I always thought of savage as the cheap gun with loose tolerances, but from what i've read these look like sub MOA machines. By buying this gun, i bypass the building of one and pretty mutch scope it and shoot. I do not handload and mainly target shoot. But i'm looking for the best accuracy and gun for the money. Any imput is appreciated. What do u guys think? buy it or build a diff gun?
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Hey joe, welcome aboard.

lurk the rifles section for a while..lots of Savage vs Remington info here.
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