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savage model 40

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I was looking at buying a savage model 40 in .223. Any body have any experience with them? good, bad?
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I noticed these rifles the other day, I'm a bit curious myself. I did notice they were single shot only (no internal magazine), are all of them this way?

Acording to the website, they only come in single shot. if you want a mag you have to go to a model 12, an extra 3 hundred dollars.
What would you be shooting the Savage for?
to shoot. mostly at ranges less than 200yds, probuby not even over 150.
I do not have any direcnce with the model 40, but I do have the model 12. I was told that the model 40 was supposed to be a cheaper, lighter version of Savage's model 12 line. I have had nothing but great experience with Savage's products and don't expect this one to be any different. I also assume that the Model 40 was produced more as a stalking rifle rather than a fixed position varmint killer (like the model 12). When i bought my model 12, the only competition it had was the model 40 (I only went with the Model 12 because i wanted the internal magazine and the extra stability afforded by the 12's 11 pound unscoped/loaded weight. But i can't imagine you could go wrong with buying a model 40. Incidently, there is also a single-shot of the Model 12.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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